Sony DADC recently signed a deal with Indiana Secretary of Commerce Nate Feltman to expand its Blu-ray Disc manufacturing operations in Indiana. The $113 million expansion is expected to create up to 85 new jobs for the city of Terre Haute.
The announcement, made during the state's five-day Japanese trade mission, is expected to create up to 85 new jobs in the western Indiana city of Terre Haute as the company invests more than $113 million to expand its one million plus square-foot manufacturing operations.

"Sony's decision to expand its operations in Indiana is more hard evidence that our international roadwork is a good investment and is a solid step toward creating more jobs for Hoosiers," said Feltman.

Sony DADC, which currently employs approximately 1,180 associates at its U.S. manufacturing and distribution center in Terre Haute, will hire professional staff, engineers, technicians and operators in connection with the expansion plans. The facility is Sony DADC's only Blu-ray Disc manufacturing facility in the United States and currently produces 425,000 Blu-ray Discs per day in addition to compact discs, DVDs and UMDs. Blu-ray Discs are high-definition, high-capacity optical media discs.
While there seems to be a lot of hate towards Sony these days, I have to give them credit for employing Americans instead of turning to cheap, overseas labor. If you'd like to read more, the entire press release can be found here.