corel_pinnacle_studio_16_box.pngToday, Corel announced the release of the new Pinnacle Studio software family, which includes: Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate and Pinnacle Studio for iPad. Based on award winning technology and inspired by the ease-of-use of previous versions, the new line offers a solution for every level of video editor. And with optimization for the latest CUDA GPUs, exclusive NVIDIA 3D Vision support, free cloud file sharing and storage with Box, and a fresh user interface, Pinnacle Studio 16 is the most innovative version to date. Modern, fast, and easy, Pinnacle Studio 16 helps everyone tell their story with style.

"The new Pinnacle Studio family is the first consumer video editing application lineup that offers users the ability to edit professional quality projects on their PC or on the go with their iPad thanks to cloud storage and seamless integration with Pinnacle Studio for the PC and iPad. No other solution on the market delivers this capability," said Matt DiMaria, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Corel. "What's more, with its robust yet intuitive feature set there's a version that is perfectly suited to any level of user," added DiMaria. "We are confident that our users will love the creative freedom and flexibility the new line offers."

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CyberLink Corp., an innovative solution provider for the connected digital lifestyle, today announced its flagship products are now certified and optimized to run on the Microsoft Windows 8.  The certified products include PowerDVD 12 – the No.1 Blu-ray and media player, PowerDirector 10 – the world’s fastest video editor, Media Suite 10 – a collection of 11 of CyberLink’s industry-leading multimedia software offerings, PhotoDirector 3 – a complete photo workflow solution, and YouCam 5 – a comprehensive webcam software.

The mission of Microsoft’s certification is to improve customer satisfaction by driving for quality products that work well with Windows. CyberLink’s solutions comply with Microsoft’s technical requirements and ensure compatibility and stability for customers running the software on Windows 8 PCs.  As a result, customers will be able to take advantage of a variety of new performance enhancements designed to accelerate the digital media creation process and create a more dynamic media consumption experience.

"We are honored to receive the Windows 8 logo certification for our flagship products," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.  "CyberLink is at the forefront of digital media innovation, and being among the first to support the new Windows 8 platform demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the performance of our multimedia software solutions."

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sony_movie_studio_12.pngSony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced the availability of the latest upgrades to their award-winning line of consumer products which include Movie Studio Platinum 12 and ACID Music Studio 9. These applications offer hobbyists, independent filmmakers and aspiring musicians the tools to produce compelling, professional-quality projects for distribution from the desktop to the cloud.

Movie Studio Platinum 12 provides users with an easy-to-use interface and straightforward editing process. New toolbar buttons for splitting and trimming video events, 3D project templates, additional stereoscopic 3D adjustment tools, and other usability enhancements make video editing startlingly intuitive. Movie Studio Platinum 12, along with its standard 32-bit installer, now boasts a native 64-bit installer for improved stability and performance. Users will also be able to upload their movies directly to, a new cloud-based creative and collaborative online service from Sony Creative Software that provides a unique way to share digital photos and videos.

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digistor_rewind.pngDIGISTOR announced today that REWIND, its novel archive and restore application for the PC and MAC, is now available for retail purchase and is shipping with select hardware bundles.

REWIND software allows users to easily and securely archive all of their digital assets such as photos, movies, music and documents on scratch resistant 25GB, 50GB or 100GB Blu-ray recordable discs for permanent storage. With an embedded restore application, REWIND offers the ability via a simple 3 click process to restore files directly from the archived disc(s) to any computer without software installation required.

Compatible with all Blu-ray burners, REWIND is designed with an exceptionally user-friendly interface that can be configured in 3 simple steps as shown here: It also features unique cross-platform compatibility for use on PC or MAC.

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STEC, Inc., The SSD Company, a leading global provider of solid-state drive (SSD) technologies and products, today announced the general availability of the company's EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software. The company offers Linux and Windows versions. In addition, a Linux version of EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software, based on Facebook's Flashcache caching module, will be made available under a general public license (GPLv2).

"Today's IT managers need to cope not only with data growth but also the need for faster application response times," said Jim Ting, vice president of product marketing at STEC. "SSD caching extends the useful life of a company's existing SAN by offloading read IOs to the SSD cache, enabling the SAN to process other IO activity."

"As one of the original architects of Flashcache, I'm extremely pleased to see this technology being enhanced and supported by STEC in their EnhanceIO software," said Mohan Srinivasan, software engineer at Facebook. "Flashcache has proven to be an invaluable tool for accelerating application performance at Facebook. We believe organizations can benefit from the improved application performance and user experience enabled by using STEC's enhanced and supported version of Flashcache."

STEC has submitted a version of the EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software source code to the Linux open-source community. This will reduce the barrier to entry for organizations who want the superior user experience and application performance of SSDs at a lower cost.

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NTI Corporation today announced Echo 3, the latest version of our robust cloning software that delivers the ability to easily clone a computer's older storage drive to a new replacement drive. Echo's easy-to-use design, along with its advanced cloning features, is now enhanced by the addition of two new handy features: One-to-One Cloning and User Defined Cloning.


"In addition to Echo's already rich feature set, we added new cloning options into Echo 3 which allows users to clone the way they want," said Bill Yao, CEO of NTI Corporation. "The users are now able to manually adjust the partition sizes on the replacement drive to fit their free space requirement for each partition."

One-to-One Cloning will retain the original hard drive's partition structure and size when cloning to a replacement drive. With this cloning method if the new drive is larger than the original drive the unused space on the new drive will be left as unallocated free space.

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cyberlink_media_suite_10.jpgCyberLink Corp., an innovative solution provider for the connected digital lifestyle, today launched its new Media Suite 10 - a collection of 11 of CyberLink’s industry-leading multimedia software offerings, including the latest versions of No. 1 Blu-ray and media player PowerDVD, award-winning video editor PowerDirector, Power2Go burning software and the newly launched video and photo organizer MediaShow Through Media Suite 10’s intuitive PowerStarter navigation interface, consumers can easily launch different programs to organize, playback and edit movies, videos, music and photos, as well as burn & backup media files.

“As the creation and distribution of consumer-generated digital media becomes more ubiquitous, so does the need for a powerful suite of affordable and feature-rich applications for consumers,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.  “Our new Media Suite 10 provides everything users need to easily create, edit, share and store digital media content at a fraction of the cost of what they would pay for other solutions. In addition, users benefit from the integration of best-in-class software in a manner that redefines the media suite category.”

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VSO Software releases today CopyTo 5, a complete burning software suite. CopyTo, previously known as CopyToDVD, is designed to suit every burning, backup or copy needs, whether on CD, DVD, Blu-ray or Iso image. It supports any kind of file: Audio, data, video, and Isos. CopyTo uses a smart data analyzer that suggests the best output format (burn audio CD, burn to DVD, burn DVD Video...)


“This new version is the most complete and easiest to use ever. From Iso files to Mp3 playlists, do a right-click on anything you want to burn or backup, insert any kind of disk and you’re set.”  says Cedric Van Dendaele, CopyTo developer.

The software is integrated in windows shell, with voice notifications to guide the user and enables backup scheduling. The new interface enables quick file selection with a smart browser that indicates what files will fit in the project or have already been added.

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cyberlink_mediashow_6.pngCyberLink Corp. today launched a new version of its popular multimedia software, MediaShow 6. MediaShow’s powerful yet simple software assists users to quickly and logically organize media in multiple ways, apply simple fixes or enhance them with stylistic elements. Advanced tools can share photos and videos to social communities or burn them to DVD or Blu-ray Discs for enjoying at home.

MediaShow 6 provides a rich set of features for handling media:

Organize & Retrieve

  • Rapidly import, organize and playback photos and videos, including native 3D format files.
  • Intelligently analyze faces in photos with FaceMe™ and sort by who’s in them.
  • Automatically organize photos and videos in a calendar by the date they were taken.
  • Preview all media in a folder at a glance without having to open it with Instant View
  • Enjoy a revamped, more intuitive interface that is now also optimized for touch-enabled displays.

Fix & Personalize

  • Instantly apply a variety of basic edits to improve photos and videos.
  • Quickly correct and fine tune video and photo imperfections on both 2D and 3D media.
  • Create stylish slideshows using 2D or 3D photos, animated text effects and transitions.
  • Automatically create polished movies by applying any of 15 different style templates to 2D and 3D video footage.

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CyberLink Corp. today launched PhotoDirector 3, a new version of its innovative photography software. PhotoDirector 3 is designed to provide all the features photographers need to manage large batches of photos, adjust images to the best quality and showcase work in their own unique style, in a single application. Now featuring People Beautifying tools and a complete range of cutting edge processing features, PhotoDirector 3 not only enables customers to perfect every detail of scenery photos, but also  create professional portraits.


PhotoDirector 3 introduces several new features, including precise editing tools that accurately remove objects, people or backgrounds from images as if they never existed and a complete set of tools to create professional portraits by smoothing out skin whitening teeth, removing wrinkles and much more. Additionally, PhotoDirector 3 provides new adjustment features, including curve-based levels, and is the only workflow application that allows the user to apply a complete range of adjustments to a targeted area of an image with a fine-tuned Adjustment Brush, Adjustment Selection tool and Gradient Mask, including intensifying the color or sharpening details, without touching the rest of the photo.

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