apacer_bamboo_usb_flash_drives.pngAs a cultural symbol rich in oriental aroma, bamboo embodies the loftiness and uprightness of a gentleman. Designed in line with the nature-oriented concept, AH153 (USB 3.0) and AH137 (USB 2.0) flash drive takes the shape of a bamboo ring. Besides the refreshing sentiment from its green bamboo ring, which is rare among 3C products, the ingenious "step-by-step" design enables various AH153 and AH137 models to be connected to each other. It creates fun of use, adding fresh and elegant literati taste to technology products!

The dark, decent green AH153 features large capacity up to 64 GB, with maximum transmission speed reaching 90 MB/s. Known to be the fastest ever super-mini USB 3.0 flash drive with the largest capacity, AH153 is quite simply unsurpassable!

In response to the global concern for environmental protection, Apacer indicates that most 3C products in the market mainly feature modern technological style. Nevertheless, Apacer is committed to integrating natural elements into product design, bringing people closer to nature, which offers more profound user experience and conveys the respects toward nature. From tree-originated AH135 to bamboo-inspired AH153 and 137, they are the crown jewel of Apacer's design.

AH153 and AH137 feature bamboo-like curvaceous and streamlined enclosure for firmer hold and better plugging/unplugging. AH153 and AH137 also show thought-out details with the special pen cap design to prevent accidental loss of cap. This detailed design demonstrates Apacer's consideration for ergonomics. With simulation of the upward growth of bamboo joints, users can build "step-by-step" body by combining various AH153 and AH137 models, which renders an interesting user experience.

Featuring durable rubber design and advanced COB technology, the compact AH153 and AH37 (L 33.4 x W 20.2 x H 11.3 mm) boasts resistance against water, dusts and shock. AH153 offers multiple capacity options from 16 GB to 64 GB, while AH137 provides 4 GB to 32 GB. And thanks to the exclusive ACE compression software, the storage capacity can be increased by up to 500%!