IronKey recently announced an 8GB version of its Secure Flash Drive. Like previous versions, this USB flash drive features military-grade hardwareencryption as well as a suite of applications, including a portable version of Firefox, IronKey Password Manager, RSA SecurID and a Secure Sessions service.
IronKey Inc., maker of theworld's most secure flash drive, announced today availability of the8GB-capacity of its IronKey secure USB devices. IronKey bringsunprecedented mobile data convenience and security to individuals andorganizations with its rugged, waterproof and tamper resistant USB drivesthat include always-on hardware encryption, strong authentication, portableapplications and ultra-fast memory. IronKey's cross platform capability andremote policy enforcement enable IT to rapidly deploy in heterogeneousenvironments with complete control.

The 8GB model is the latest version in the IronKey product line thatcurrently includes 1GB, 2GB and 4GB options. All IronKey devices are easyto use, and there is no need to install software or drivers. All user dataon an IronKey is encrypted with high-speed military-grade hardwareencryption. Unlike software-based encryption, this always-on protectioncannot be disabled, and is protected against cold-boot and brute forceattacks. If a thief tries to break into an IronKey and exceeds apolicy-determined number of failed login attempts, the IronKey Cryptochipwill lock out the encryption functions and securely erase all the encrypteddata with its patent-pending Flash Trash technology.
The 8GB version of IronKey's Secure Flash Drive is available now for $299. Full details can be found here.