aleratec_robojet_disc_printing.jpgAleratec today announced a new disc-printing solution that transforms a compatible Epson inkjet printer into a robotic system that prints up to 100 Blu-ray, DVD or CD labels automatically.

Aleratec is renowned for creating professional grade products at consumer prices. It continues this tradition with the RoboJet Disc Autoloader, an economical product that is easy to both use and install, and which completely automates the printing process for up to 100 high-resolution Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs when paired with a compatible Epson inkjet printer (not included). Users of this system can load up to 100 inkjet-printable discs in the RoboJet Disc Autoloader and start fully automated print runs using the included Aleratec Autoloader software. For added convenience, new discs can be added and completed discs can be removed while a job is in progress.

Customers wanting to print quantities of full-color, photo-quality discs will find that Aleratec’s disc feed system takes just minutes to install. The disc tray simply replaces the printer’s paper feed tray. The powerful Aleratec Autoloader software included with the RoboJet Disc Printing System is also simple to install and makes it easy to optimize operation. Additionally, users are free to use the label-making software of their choice to print labels since the RoboJet will work with just about any popular inkjet printing software, including Epson Print CD, Nero Cover Designer and Acoustica Label Maker.

The RoboJet Disc Autoloader is designed to work with the Epson Artisan 50 printer (not included), an affordable high-performance inkjet printer which can print professional quality disc labels. It also works with certain other models of Epson inkjet printers which support disc printing. (A full list of compatible models is available at best results, Aleratec recommends using its specially coated Blu-ray, DVD and CD inkjet printable media. Aleratec’s HydroGuard Inkjet Printable Duplicator Grade DVD/CD recordable media and Inkjet Printable Duplicator Grade Blu-ray recordable media are optimized to print quick-drying custom labels.

The Aleratec RoboJet Disc Autoloader (Part 360104) is available for shipment now with the Estimated Retail Price (ERP) of $699 direct from Aleratec and Aleratec’s dedicated resellers and distribution partners.