Aleratec Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of professional-grade duplicators for hard disk drives, USB flash drives, flash memory and optical discs, launched an upgrade to their popular RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter. With this upgrade, consumers get all the features of the RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter, such as the continuous ink system, 100-disc capacity, and automatic disc-feed operation, while enjoying a significant speed enhancement in disc printing with advanced, new print drivers.


"Our RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter is known for its convenience, especially on large jobs," says Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO. "Now customers are going to be amazed by the new drivers and how easy and fast it will be to produce hundreds of high resolution images on Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs. We're so excited about the new technology that we're offering the upgrade to existing owners of RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter free of charge."

Aleratec's optimized RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter allows unattended completion of large disc runs in a fraction of the time as before. The disc autoprinter's continuous ink system prints as many as 1800 photo-quality images between refills, while the autoloader allows new discs to be loaded and completed discs removed at any time during the print process.

Unlike other automatic disc printers that charge customers steep prices on ink refills, Aleratec's RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter offers affordable ink refill bottles that let users refill the well that has run dry, saving customers significant dollars on costly ink refills. Key features of the RoboJet Disc Auto Printer include:

  • Four times the previous printing speed with the new print drivers
  • Advanced Epson printing and ink technology
  • Robotic disc feed system for unattended operation
  • Automatic labeling of up to 100 inkjet-printable Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs

In addition to quickly labeling DVD, CD and Blu-ray discs, Aleratec's RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter is an advanced printing system that uses a 6-color process for eye-popping, 5760 DPI resolution. "This inkjet disc printer does high definition printing," notes Solomon. "It will handle virtually any image, no matter how detailed."

The driver-enhanced RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter with Continuous Ink System is available for order at and through authorized Aleratec resellers. MSRP is $1,249.00. Available ink refills are sold separately. Owners of the RoboJet Disc AutoPrinter are eligible for a free upgrade by contacting customer service at 1-866-882-5372.