Aleratec raises the standard for portable HDD duplication with today’s introduction of the 1:1 HDD Copy Cruiser Mini USB 3.0, an essential tool for building and upgrading computer systems.


The 1:1 HDD Copy Cruiser Mini USB 3.0 gives users the power to make hard drive copies and access hard drives quickly and easily with one lightweight, portable device. Though it weighs in at less than a pound, it is both a powerful standalone hard disk duplicator and a versatile HDD docking station.

Since it is standalone, there is no need to tie up any computer running complicated duplication software. A simple one-button operation creates perfect clones and backup drives, and the fast sector-by-sector copy process includes partition and boot sector information. Users can connect and remove drives in seconds with the quick-connect hard disk drive bays, allowing users to quickly and easily mount or dismount either drive.

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Rimage Corporation, the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ publishing systems, has launched a new line of Disc Authoring Solutions specifically designed to enable organizations to produce superior DVDs in-house.

The new Rimage Disc Authoring Solution creates a DVD playable on any home DVD player using an easy to use, automated authoring engine. The solution creates a fully authored disc that includes disc menus, disc label and case wrap. The solution enables businesses to author DVDs for training, events, marketing or any other occasion where videos and/or photographs need to be shared or archived. Because of the simplicity, affordability and power of this end-to-end solution, any size business is able to author their own disc in-house.

This simple to operate end-to-end solution allows businesses to reduce turnaround time and increase revenue while delivering the quality expected from Rimage. Authoring and publishing in-house enables businesses to eliminate dependency on third-party providers and maintain full relationship with their customers – all while offering a professional quality product without the need for extensive employee training. The solution is designed as a flexible tool that can easily be tailored to address a variety of markets including: education, corporate, real estate, sporting events, worship services, concerts, memorials, seminars, amusement, weddings and more.

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Primera Technology, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ Publishers, today announced its Bravo 4051 Disc Publisher (DP-4051 in Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East).


This new model delivers the same industry-leading performance as Primera’s award-winning Bravo 4100-Series which have a 100-disc capacity, but with a 50-disc capacity and a new, lower price of just $2495 (MSRP). The product will be shown at the AES Convention October 21 – 23, 2011 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY. Primera’s booth is #730.

Bravo 4051 is the fastest 50-disc publisher available. It prints full-color, 100% coverage discs in just 6 seconds each. This compares to 20 to 120 seconds on competitive machines to print discs with comparable print quality.

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Primera Technology, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc Publishers, today announced a price reduction on its popular Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher (DP-SE Blu in Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East). The previous price was $2995 (MSRP). Beginning today, the new price is $2495 (MSRP).


Bravo SE Blu is an all-in-one disc publishing system and CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc duplicator. It combines fast, automated robotic duplication along with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing. Bravo SE Blu is ideal for producing discs either one at a time with unique content or larger jobs of up to 20 discs at a time.

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Primera Technology, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of automated disc publishers, today announced a new model of its Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publishers, now with recordable drives and media from JVC Advanced Media U.S.A., Inc.


JVC Archival Grade DVD-R complies to the Optical Disc Archive Test ISO/1EC10995 which states that recorded data can be retained safely for more than 30 years under a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and with 50% relative humidity. The nonprofit organization, ADTC, carried out the test and certified.

JVC’s Archival Grade DVD-R delivers long term data retention by the use of the company’s own specially-developed dye, which controls the initial writing error at low levels. The reflective layer was also specially-developed for archival use and is designed to last the lifetime of the media.

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aleratec_15_blu-ray_tower_publisher.jpgAleratec continues to make Blu-ray duplication faster and more efficient. Today it adds a 15-target standalone Blu-ray duplicator to its award-winning line of optical disc Lightscribe duplicators. This professional grade device allows users to simultaneously copy up to a whopping 15 Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs, or laser-etch 15 DVD or CD LightScribe labels, at a time.

The Aleratec 1:15 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS features cutting-edge 12X Blu-ray writers as well as a generous 1TB built-in hard drive.

This new standalone duplicator also includes a dedicated Source drive, allowing the device to make disc-to-disc copies without sacrificing any write capacity. A user can burn the same number of discs whether burning from the hard drive or from another source disc.

The unit can be connected to a PC via USB 2.0 cable for access to the duplicator’s internal hard drive. In PC-Connect mode, users can simply drag and drop disc image and label files directly into the duplicator and be running duplication jobs in no time. The duplicator’s simple, intuitive interface includes "Fast Keys" that give instant access to common functions.

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As more office workers use micro secure digital (SD) cards to store data on portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, the need to copy memory cards is growing. Xerox Corporation, through a licensing agreement with Vinpower Digital, today introduced a line of standalone, high-speed SD/MicroSD duplicators that eliminates the need for adapters, and makes it easier to create multiple copies of any SD or MicroSD memory card.


Until now, duplicating MicroSD cards, which are about the size of a fingernail, required a special adaptor. Making multiple copies of the cards was time consuming because each card had to be inserted individually into a personal computer to copy. The Xerox SD/MicroSD Duplicator eliminates the need for adaptors by providing both a standard size SD slot as well as a slot for the much smaller MicroSD.

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aleratec_robojet_disc_printing.jpgAleratec today announced a new disc-printing solution that transforms a compatible Epson inkjet printer into a robotic system that prints up to 100 Blu-ray, DVD or CD labels automatically.

Aleratec is renowned for creating professional grade products at consumer prices. It continues this tradition with the RoboJet Disc Autoloader, an economical product that is easy to both use and install, and which completely automates the printing process for up to 100 high-resolution Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs when paired with a compatible Epson inkjet printer (not included). Users of this system can load up to 100 inkjet-printable discs in the RoboJet Disc Autoloader and start fully automated print runs using the included Aleratec Autoloader software. For added convenience, new discs can be added and completed discs can be removed while a job is in progress.

Customers wanting to print quantities of full-color, photo-quality discs will find that Aleratec’s disc feed system takes just minutes to install. The disc tray simply replaces the printer’s paper feed tray. The powerful Aleratec Autoloader software included with the RoboJet Disc Printing System is also simple to install and makes it easy to optimize operation. Additionally, users are free to use the label-making software of their choice to print labels since the RoboJet will work with just about any popular inkjet printing software, including Epson Print CD, Nero Cover Designer and Acoustica Label Maker.

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Addonics Technologies today announced the Addonics 1:11 HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Duplicator, which can copy up to 11 target drives from a single source or duplicate any SATA or IDE HDD drive in a 3.5" or 2.5" form factor. The HDD duplicator is an ideal solution for production or data distribution applications.


The 1:11 HDD duplicator comes in three different models and operates as a stand alone device. No computer or complex software is needed. Simply insert the master drive into the source slot and then insert up to 11 hard drives of equal or larger capacity than the master drive into the duplicator slots. Press the "copy" button on the LCD control module to start the copying process. The 1:11 HDD duplicator supports a maximum copy speed of 300 MB/sec.

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Addonics Technologies today announced the Blu-Ray/DVD DigiCopier, an advanced duplicator that lets you make copies of Blu-Ray, DVD or CD discs (that are not copy protected) without a computer.


Equipped with the latest high-speed SATA optical drives, the new product duplicates media by simply by placing the master disc into a source drive on top of the unit and a blank media into another drive. Among its applications are education, corporate training, audio/video publishing, and marketing/advertising.

Four models are available and offer simultaneous disc duplication from one to 11 copies. Each model is equipped with a user-friendly LCM control module that provides a rich set of configuration choices.

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