Fujitsu has announced its new MHZ2 BJ series of 2.5" hard disk drives. Designed for use in high-performance PCs, these new drives are the first to feature a rotational speed of 7200 RPM and capacities up to 320GB.

Fujitsu Limited today announced its new MHZ2 BJ series of 2.5" hard disk drives that feature a rotational speed of 7200 RPM and capacities up to 320 GB(1)Sales of the new series will begin at the end of June 2008. The new series is designed for use in high-performance PCs, such as high-end notebook computers and compact desktops.

The MHZ2 BJ series requires only 2.3 W of power for read and write operations, ranking it among the most power-efficient drives in its class. The series is one of many new products announced as part of Fujitsu's Green Policy Innovation initiative, unveiled in December 2007 to promote energy-efficient products and services as a way to help customers lower their ecological footprint.
While Fujitsu has not announced a price, the company plans to begin shipments in June. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
Plextor Europe has announced that they've expanded their line of pocket hard disk drives to include a 320GB model. Like Plextor's previous offerings, the PX-PH320US features a stylish stylish brushed aluminium case and dual USB2.0/eSATA interfaces.

Plextor is extending its range of personal storage products with the new 320GB pocket hard disk - Plextor PX-PH320US. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it not only looks stylish in a brushed aluminium case, but using the eSATA interface offers blistering transfer rates of up to 3Gbps.

Ideal for enthusiast users using modern cases and motherboards,the ultra-fast eSATA interface offers speed comparable to a state-of-the-art internal hard drive - yet in a highly compact and portable design.

Plextor high reliability, premium quality HDDs offer excellent value for money. Building on the existing drives with 120, 160 & 250GB capacities, the Plextor PX-PH320US comes with a huge 320GB capacity. It has dual USB2.0/eSATA interfaces (including eSATA cable) and is also Mac and PC compatible.
No word on price yet. However, the PX-PH320US will be available in Europe beginning in March 2008. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
Iomega announced this week that it will be unveiling its third generation REV backup drive at CeBIT 2008. Designed to provide the performance of a hard drive with the removability of tape, Iomega's new drive offers transfer rates of up to 35MB/second and a maximum capacity of 120GB.

Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage and protection, today announced the new Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive, the third generation of its award-winning REV technology and a benchmark in smart, sensible backup for small and medium-sized businesses, remote work groups and others.

Iomega will unveil the new Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive and REV 120GB disks at CeBIT 2008, the international technology tradeshow beginning today in Hanover, Germany, and running through March 9. Iomega is located at CeBIT in Hall 2, booth D56.
The Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive is expected to be available in April as external USB 2.0 and internal SATA models. An ATAPI model is also planned for mid-year. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
Samsung announced this week that it has begun shipping the world's first 500GB 2.5" mobile hard drive. The Spinpoint M6 consists of three 167GB platters and features a 5400rpm spindle speed, an 8MB cache and 3.0Gbps SATA interface.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, announced today that it is shipping the world's first half-terabyte (500GB) 2.5" mobile hard drive - the new Spinpoint M6. The Spinpoint M6 is designed to fit the industry's standard 9.5mm height dimension and armed with a massive 500GB capacity, the drive is targeted to meet the growing storage needs of today's notebook computers as well as slim form factor PCs and high density mobile applications.

"Our customers require more and more notebook storage for their data, video and music files", said Andy Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. "Our Spinpoint M6 easily fits within notebook PCs with no modification to the notebook PC chassis, giving users more storage power than ever before."

Samsung's new Spinpoint M6 consists of three 167GB platters in a 2.5" hard drive frame measuring just 9.5mm in height. This critical feature gives notebook PC manufacturers the option of easily integrating the Spinpoint M6 into the tens of millions of notebook PCs that ship every quarter.
The Spinpoint M6 is available now for a suggested retail price of $299. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
Toshiba has announced the launch of its new line of high-performance 1.8-inch HDDs. With their Serial ATA interface and 5,400 RPM rotation speed, Toshiba claims that these new HDDs are 29% faster than its current offerings.

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the industry pioneer in smallform factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today added a line of high-performance 5,400 RPM SerialATA (SATA) 1.8-inch HDDs to its product offerings for mobile PCs. Available in 120GB1 and80GB capacities, these new HDDs integrate design elements from Toshiba's flagship 2.5-inchline into its proven 1.8-inch platform to offer enhanced performance for ultra-thin and light PCapplications.

These new 1.8-inch HDDs leverage the interface architecture from Toshiba’s 2.5-inchSATA HDDs, which carry the industry certification for SATA compliance, providing seamlesscompatibility across Toshiba’s full line of SATA HDDs. The combination of 5,400 RPM spinspeeds with SATA features expands Toshiba’s market-leading 1.8-inch product lineup into thehigh-performance segment of the growing ultra-portable computing market.
Toshiba will begin mass producing its 80GB and 120GB 1.8-inch HDDs in April 2008. More information can be found here. Add a comment