Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, today announced a suite of Linksys HomePlug AV Powerline solutions that allow consumers to use their home network by using their existing home electrical wiring. The HomePlug AV Powerline standard provides speeds of up to 200 Mbps to bring streaming video, gaming, and other data-intensive applications to computers, tablets, consoles, televisions and other Ethernet-enabled devices.


“Cisco’s Linksys products set the standard for great home networking experiences with their ease of use and outstanding performance,” said Scott Kabat, director of marketing, Cisco Home Networking business unit. “Our new Powerline products deliver on this promise. Just plug them in, and they start working.”

Powerline uses industry-standard HomePlug AV technology to turn any home wall socket into a network connection. Because no electrical reconfiguring or rewiring is necessary, networking can be delivered to remote areas of a house without expensive and inconvenient drilling and cable-laying. The compact, space-saving design of the Linksys Powerline family of products leaves room for other appliances to be plugged into the same outlet. Regular household 120-volt electrical service is unaffected by Powerline, nor will most household appliances interfere with Powerline transmissions.

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Corel today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Roxio® product line from Rovi Corporation. With this deal, Corel will expand its product portfolio to include Roxio’s broad range of digital media and security solutions. The acquisition includes Roxio® Creator®, the industry’s most popular digital media suite and Roxio® Toast®, the leading optical burning software on the Mac® platform. The deal is expected to close in February. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

There are both technology and business advantages to this acquisition. From a technology perspective, Corel will draw upon the complementary video, photo, audio, and disc burning technologies found in both Roxio and Corel software to deliver even more capabilities to users and further enhance the customer experience offered across Corel’s product portfolio.

From a business perspective, Corel will take advantage of its well-established global infrastructure to dramatically broaden distribution of Roxio products into new international markets. Moreover, the company sees significant opportunities in combining the strengths of Corel’s and Roxio’s established retail and direct sales channels, OEM relationships, and large customer bases.

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Marvell, a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today launched the Marvell® 88SE9230 6Gb/s SATA controller powered by HyperDuo™ embedded processor technology. The new Marvell 88SE9230 solution is designed to deliver twice the performance, capacity and scalability as its predecessor to unleash groundbreaking solid state drive (SSD) benefits to consumer desktop motherboards and consumer electronics products. Marvell’s HyperDuo technology enables SSD-like performance while allowing all data to be stored on traditional SATA hard disk drives (HDDs).


Marvell’s newest advanced SATA controller lays the groundwork for the next-generation of high-end consumer applications, doubling in capacity with four ports for SSD or HDD connectivity, while two PCIe 2.0 lanes are now equipped to deliver double the PCIe bus bandwidth to accommodate multiple SATA SSDs. The 88SE9230 SATA controller uses intelligent algorithms to automatically pin hot data files and directories to up to three SATA SSDs while enabling all data to be safely stored on larger capacity SATA HDDs. The 88SE9230 is also designed to provide unparalleled security, including 128/256 bit on-the-fly AES encryption to ensure maximum data security.

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Sanho Corporation, creators of the “Hyper” Line of Apple accessories, portable power and storage products, announced today CloudFTP, a small pocket-sized portable adapter that enables the wireless transfer of movies, music, photos, documents, and other files to the iPad, iPhone, and other WiFi-enabled devices from USB storage devices (cameras, USB hard drives, flash drives, card readers, and other USB mass storage devices, etc.) without using a computer.


Finally there’s a way to share USB files with iPads, iPhones, the Cloud and other devices that don’t have a USB connection without accessing a computer!  Small enough to bring anywhere, even in your pocket, CloudFTP is the most useful tool available for iPad and iPhone users to easily access their data on USB devices.  CloudFTP creates a WiFi hotspot to stream and transfer data from the most commonly used USB storage devices, turning these devices into a wireless file server.  CloudFTP can also automatically connect to the Internet to backup and synchronize USB data with popular online Cloud storage services, like iCloud, Dropbox and, or it can join an existing WiFi network to share files with other devices on the same network. 

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Cirago International, a leading manufacturer of multimedia centers, storage, display adapters and wireless solutions, today announced the launch of two new additions to its growing line of USB 3.0 "SuperSpeed" accessories that provide faster data transfer speed and a better interactive experience to support the growing demand for high-performance connectivity between PCs, peripherals and accessories. The company unveiled the new USB 3.0 products today at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


"USB 3.0 is quickly becoming the new standard in connectivity, offering up to 10-times faster data transfer for less wait time and improved latency, but with backward compatibility to USB 2.0 that enables you to continue using all of your current gear," said Patrick Lo, Cirago CEO. "As more and more PC manufacturers implement USB 3.0 technology, our new USB 3.0 devices are a future-proof investment—even if you don't have a USB 3.0-equipped PC now, the next one you purchase most likely will be, and you'll be ready."

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ADATA Technology, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, has announced its presence at an open house event coinciding with the 2012 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. At the occasion, ADATA will unveil new and upgraded products, as well as hold live demonstrations to showcase the new additions to the company’s line-up.

Visitors will have a chance to see the newest ADATA products, the H710 External hard drive, and XPG™ DDR3 2400G DRAM modules. The H710 builds on the company’s very successful line of rugged storage solutions, while the latest XPG modules target overclockers and gamers with outstanding versatility and speed. 

Other featured products to be presented include the N005 Pro, which reaches new performance heights for the company’s USB 3.0 Flash drive line-up. Also on display will be high-performance Premier Series UHS-I SDXC and microSDHC memory cards. ADATA’s popular S511 and S510 Solid State Drives will demonstrate the company’s SATA 6 Gb/s prowess, while the mini-SATA XM11 and XM13 solid state drives will show technological versatility in the smaller form factor. Rounding out the impressive variety are the eMMC embedded storage solutions and XPG 8GB 1600G DDR3 DRAM modules. Live demonstrations will take place throughout the event, displaying the full force of ADATA’s latest offerings.

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RAIDON is releasing the new generation of SAS storage solutions, GR2880 and GR4880. These models can to be easily deployed while offering a stable performance and scheduled backup to the SMB.


GR2880 and GR4880 offers the remarkable SAS storage solutions, embed dual SAS host interface to the fastest data throughput for an extraordinary performance, also provides up to RAID 6 the highest RAID level protection to data from work station and data server for a secured operating environment.

Both models also provide snapshot function which only offered from high standard storage devices. This function will backup stored data in records from designation time, to prevent data encounters inevitable problems through capability of restoring primitive correct data from files of saved records.

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TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of the 200Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter, model TPL-306E, and the 200Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter Kit, model TPL-306E2K, which comes with two TPL-306E adapters. These high performance Powerline adapters network computers, televisions, and other devices using existing home or office electrical lines.


The TPL-306E replaces and is approximately 30% smaller than the older TPL-303E series. Its small form factor saves space when plugged into a crowded electrical outlet. Network one adapter to a router and plug another adapter into any outlet on the same electrical system for instant high speed network access. TRENDnet adapters connect automatically to each other over a secure encrypted signal with no CD installation required. A minimum of two adapters are required to build a network. For additional security, press the Sync button to change existing encryption keys.

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RAIDON unveils a new Internal RAID module-MR2020 is in the market. With the aim to industrial market and embedded application MR2020 accepts two 2.5-inch hard drives to enhance the reliability of the system and supports RAID 1 for instantly data backup.


Considering the advantages of 2.5-inch hard drives such as less noise, heat-resistance, stability, less heat production and space saving etc, RAIDON transfers the hardware backup technology from 3.5-inch hard drives to 2.5-inch. MR2020, an internal storage module designed for working in IPC, product lines, servers and work stations.

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NTI announced today "NTI Cloud," a simple solution to establish a multifunctional online storage. NTI Cloud debuts intuitive GUIs on PC platform through a secured login domain ( and the App made available for Android and iOS devices. For as little as $4.99 a month, users can enjoy the fun and convenience of storing data in their own personal cloud and the peace of mind with access to their data anytime, anywhere they are internet connected.

"While personal cloud service is getting more popular today, the users would never get to find one that does it all." said Bill Yao, President/CEO of NTI. "What makes NTI Cloud outstanding from the competitions is not only the simplicity we were able to create for the users, but also our unique experience in backup methodology; our users can rest assured that their data is just as safe as stored in their own PC hard disks".

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