The German magazine c't has found a gaping hole in the copyright protection used by Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. When testing the Sony Vaio VGC-RC 204 and Toshiba Qosmio G30 they discovered that they were able to copy each frame of a movie by simply pressing the Print Screen button.
Blu-ray and HD DVD are supposed to be highly secure. There is AACS and HDCP, which when enforced make it impossible to copy movie data from a disc.

The premier German computer magazine found now out that you can make copy each frame of a movie by just pushing print screen on a computer. They tested this with the Blu-ray Sony Vaio VGC-RC 204 and the HD DVD Toshiba Qosmio G30 notebook.
Toshiba has reportedly acknowledged the copy protection hole and has stated that future versions of the player software will not have this issue. If you'd like to read more, head on over to I4U News. Add a comment
Today, CDRLabs brings you an in depth look at LG's latest "Super-Multi" drive, the GSA-H10N. Sporting some pretty impressive specs, the GSA-H10N is capable of 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 10x DVD+R DL and 4x DVD-R DL writing speeds and a maximum DVD read speed of 16x. More importantly, its one of the first drives with the ability to read and write to DVD-RAM media at 12x.

In this review we'll take a look at some of the features found on the GSA-H10N and see how it compares to some of the 16x and 18x DVD±RW drives from the competition. Does LG's new "Super-Multi" drive have what it takes? Is it the fastest DVD writer around? You'll have to read the review to find out.

LG GSA-H10N Super-Multi DVD±RW/RAM
If you have any comments or questions about this review or the LG GSA-H10N, please post them in the forum by clicking the link below.
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Thomson has announced that a number of top HD DVD manufacturers have decided to implement their new Film Grain Technology. Here's part of their press release:
Thomson (Euronext:18453) (NYSE:TMS - News) announced that leading consumer electronics, software and technology companies are implementing its Film Grain Technology(TM). Developed by Thomson's Technology division in collaboration with its Technicolor business, Film Grain Technology was recently adopted as a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) registered disclosure document. Consumer electronics giants Toshiba and RCA; technology innovators Broadcom, Sigma Designs, Horizon Semiconductors and NVIDIA; and software leaders Microsoft and Sonic Solutions are set to deploy Film Grain Technology, with two Toshiba HD DVD players, an RCA HD DVD player and a Broadcom IC decoder now entering the marketplace...

..The first tool of its kind formally documented in cooperation with SMPTE, DVD Forum selected Film Grain Technology for mandatory inclusion in HD DVD(TM) products. The technology allows compressed motion pictures to be delivered more efficiently and improves their visual quality. It enables film grain that is extracted before content is compressed to be faithfully re-created during playback.
I can't say I know too many people that would want their HD DVD movies to look old and grainy but whatever floats your boat. If you'd like to read more, Thomson's entire press release can be found here. Add a comment
Here's an interesting bit of news. According to DigiTimes, Foxconn has landed OEM orders from Matsushita (Panasonic) for half-height(H/H) DVD burners. Volume shipments are expected to begin later this quarter.
The sources said the orders that Foxconn landed are mainly for H/H DVD burners and this is the first time that Foxconn has landed such orders from Matsushita. As Matsushita mainly focuses on slim-type ODDs, the company has sunk to number six in the global H/H DVD burner market, trailing Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS), Pioneer, NEC, Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) and Lite-On IT, the sources commented.
It will be interesting to see if they use Matsushita's own designs or the ones Foxconn was using for BTC's drives. If you'd like to read more, the entire article can be found here. Add a comment
Universal Music is reportedly overhauling the packaging of CD's sold in Europe in an effort to slow the decline of sales. Using a new three-tiered system, Universal plans to offer titles in DeLuxe, Standard or Slim packaging.
Universal Music Group International, the world's largest music company, announced Wednesday that it is overhauling the packaging of compact discs sold in Europe as part of an effort to slow the decline of CD sales as downloading takes hold.

The company unveiled a new three-tiered packaging system for both new albums and older recordings -- "DeLuxe" packaging for top artists' latest releases, "Standard" packaging for all new releases and a slim "Basic" sheathing for old classics.
I have to give Universal credit. Instead of suing grandmas and college students, they're trying to adapt to current market trends. If you'd like to read more about Universal's new packaging, the entire article can be found here. Add a comment
InterVideo has announced that Ulead Systems has offically merged with their Taiwan branch, InterVideo Digital Tech. Here's part of their press release:
InterVideo, Inc. (NASDAQ:IVII - News) an industry leader in next-generation DVD and multimedia software, announced today that its Taiwan branch, InterVideo Digital Tech, and Ulead Systems (TSE:2487 - News) will be officially merged.

InterVideo Taiwan acquired the remaining shares of Ulead Systems Inc. in order to consolidate resources efficiently, reduce operational costs, and enhance operational efficiency. InterVideo currently owns 67 percent of Ulead and will pay NT$30 per share to buy back the remaining 33 percent of shares from Ulead shareholders.
InterVideo definitely took their sweet time finalizing this merger. It's been nearly a year since they decided to purchase a controlling interest in Ulead. If you'd like to read more, InterVideo's entire press release can be found here. Add a comment
It appears that LG's new Blu-ray writer will be shipping on schedule. According to an article at DigiTimes, the GBW-H10N will hit store shelves in Taiwan as early as this week.

LG Electronics Taiwan Taipei (LGETT), the Taiwan subsidiary of LG Electronics, on July 3 announced the launch of the its GBW-H10N Blu-ray Disc burner in the Taiwan market. The unit will be in stores later this week at a recommended retail price of NT$29,900 (US$923).

The GBW-H10N supports single-sided single-layer (SL) BD, DVD+RW/-RW, DVD-RAM (rewritable), CD-R/RW burning as well as SL and single-sided double-layer (DL) DVD+R/-R burning, according to LGETT. The model can also record and play back video in BD/DVD/CD formats, the company indicated.
We still have not heard if or when the GBW-H10N will be available in the U.S. As we find out more, we'll let you know. In the mean time, head on over to DigiTimes. Add a comment
On behalf of the CDRLabs staff, I just wanted to wish all of our U.S. readers a happy Independance Day.

I know that many consider July 4th to be another day off and one more excuse to cook out, drink beer and blow things up. Just remember to take a few minutes to think about what this day is really about. Add a comment
The results are in and our readers have chosen the BenQ DW1640 as the top DVD writer for the month of June. Here are the top drives:
  1. BenQ DW1640
  2. Pioneer DVR-111/A11
  3. BenQ DW1650/1655
  4. (tied) Lite-On SHM-165H6S/165P6S, LG GSA-4167B, Plextor PX-716A and Plextor PX-755A/755SA
Your favorite drive didn't make it onto the list? Then go and vote for July's top DVD writer. Add a comment
BenQ Europe has announced the release of their new Blu-ray writer, the BW1000. Incorporating three types of lasers, the BW1000 can write to CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. Interestingly enough, it also sports three LED's so that you know what media you're working with.

BenQ today announces the next generation optical writer, the BenQ BW1000 trio writer. The BenQ BW1000 incorporates three types of lasers to support multiple media formats - The current red laser disc, infra-red laser and the new blue laser disc Blu-Ray. Together with other features, such as precision Tilt Control System, SolidBurn and Write Right technology, this high-capacity optical drive device with Blu-Ray technology encompasses all the right applications for a greater read/ write capability with Blu-Ray discs and compatibility with both DVD and CD.
The BW1000 is expected to ship in August for a suggested retail price of € 799,00. If you'd like to read more, BenQ's entire press release can be found here. Add a comment