The CompressHD comes in a small, yellow and white box with a picture of the card on the front and back. Surprisingly, there is very little information about the CompressHD's capabilities.

Inside the box, you'll find the card, some warranty and service information, and a sheet of paper listing some basic installation instructions as well as a web address where you can download the latest version of the CompressHD software and documentation.

Physical Features:

Considering its capabilities, the CompressHD looks very unassuming. This low profile, half-length PCIe x1 card doesn't have a heat sink or fan and should fit easily inside most computer cases.

Here's a closer look at the brains behind the CompressHD. The XILINX Spartan-3A (XC3SD1800A) DSP delivers 21 GMAC/s (billion multiply accumulate operations per second) and up to 1,736 Mbps of memory bandwidth. If that weren't enough, the CompressHD also has a dedicated H.264 encoder in the form of the Ambarella A2-A1-RH A288S SoC.