PCMark 8 - Storage Test:

PCMark 8 is a complete benchmark for Windows. It includes five benchmark tests, each designed around a specific scenario. The storage benchmark measures drive performance using real-world traces recorded from Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and a selection of popular games.

PCMark 8 also includes a consistency test which measures the performance consistency and degradation tendency of a storage system. The test reports the performance level at the start, the degraded steady-state and the recovered state as well as the number of iterations required to reach the degraded state and the recovered state. For this test, we are focusing on the Adobe Photoshop (Heavy) trace and will look at both the bandwidth and latency of the drive

The M8Se yielded some pretty odd results in this test. Throughout all three phases, the bandwidth jumped from about 50 MB/s up to as high as 850 MB/s and then back down again. I reached out to Plextor to see if they had any idea why this was happening, but at this time we have not gotten an answer from their engineers. The only explanation that I can think of is that this is due to the PlexNitro cache filling up and then recovering.