Packaging and Contents:

The Cruzer Enterprise comes packaged as shown above. Personally, I prefer this packaging over the plastic bubbles that USB flash drives usually come in. The top is simply taped shut so the contents can be removed from the packaging without the need for a sharp knife or razor. Inside the box you'll find the Cruzer Enterprise secured in a small plastic tray, along with a small Quick Start Guide.

Physical Features:

While not the largest flash drive to come through the 'Labs, the Cruzer Enterprise definitely isn't the smallest either. SanDisk doesn't say what the drive's exact dimensions are. However, using a ruler, I measured the drive to be about 3.125" (80mm) long, 0.75" (19mm) wide and 0.438" (11mm) thick.

The body of the Cruzer Enterprise is constructed of a durable, but lightweight, black plastic. Along with a few relatively large logos, the drive has a silver colored rectangle showing the capacity of the drive. The Cruzer Enterprise also uses a cap to protect its USB connector. While it stays on the drive pretty well, it can not be placed on the opposite end for storage.

The LED is located on the top of the Cruzer Enterprise, on the end opposite the one with the USB connector. While not very impressive in this picture, the LED lights up blue whenever the drive is transmitting or receiving data or is in the identification process.