AS SSD is a relatively new benchmark designed specifically for solid state drives. The application contains five synthetic tests used to determine the sequential and random read and write performance of a drive.

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB
Crucial P1 1TB

AS SSD also includes a copy benchmark. This test copies an ISO (two large files), program (many small files) and game (small and large files), returning the speed and duration of each.

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB
Crucial P1 1TB

HD Tune Pro 5.00:

Next, I ran a series of tests using HD Tune Pro. This hard disk utility measures a drive's performance by testing its sequential read and write speeds as well as its access time, burst rate and CPU usage. For this review, I'm also going to use it to benchmark the Silicon Power P34A60's random read and write speeds, random access times and the number of operations per second.

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB - Read Benchmark
Crucial P1 1TB - Read Benchmark

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB - Write Benchmark
Crucial P1 1TB - Write Benchmark

The P34A60 performed relatively well when benchmarked with HD Tune. The drive had average read and write speeds of 2274.5 MB/s and 839.1 MB/s, respectively, and a burst rate of 547.9 MB/s when reading.

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB - Random Access Read
Crucial P1 1TB - Random Access Read

Silicon Power P34A60 1TB - Random Access Write
Crucial P1 1TB - Random Access Write

When reading 4KB blocks, the P34A60 reached 42,078 IOPS and had an average speed of 164.370 MB/s. The drive was even faster when writing, reaching 54,749 IOPS with an average speed of 213.865 MB/s.