The Slim S55 comes in a brightly colored box. Along with a picture of the drive, the front advertises many of its key features including its 240GB capacity, SATA III interface and 7mm ultra-slim form factor. The back of the box provides a bit more information, including the S55's specifications and a longer list of features. Inside, you'll find the SSD, mounting screws and a small installation guide.

Physical Features:

Like Silicon Power's other SSDs, the Slim S55 is very well constructed. The outer casing is made entirely out of metal and is covered by a nice, matte black finish. The top of the drive also has a large, black and rainbow hued sticker advertising its capacity as well as the fact that it is part of Silicon Power's Slim S55 series.

The biggest difference between the Slim S55 and the Velox V55 is the height of the two drives. Where the V55 is your standard 2.5" SSD with a height of 9.5mm, the S55 sports an ultra-slim form factor. At 7mm in height, the drive can be installed in ultrabooks as well as standard laptops and desktop PCs.

Like Silicon Power's Velox V55, the S55 uses Phison's PS3108 controller. The PS3108 can be found in a handful of other SSDs including the Corsair Force LS, MyDigitalSSD BP4, PQI S510 and Silicon Power's own Velox V55.

Silicon Power is a big vague as to what type of NAND the Slim S55 is equipped with. Looking at the pictures above, you can see that the 240GB version of the drive has sixteen 16GB TT57G2GAHC MLC NAND flash chips. The part number doesn't match exactly, but, from what I can gather, this is Toshiba manufactured NAND that was relabeled by Phison. The S55 also has a single 512MB PSC A3P4GF4BLF DDR3 DRAM memory chip that is used for caching.