The Gold S31 comes in a simple, yet attractive, black box with what appears to be a large, gold "nugget" on the front. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information regarding the drive's specification or features. If you want detailed product information, you will need to visit SK hynix's website.

Like most manufacturers, SK hynix doesn't include a lot of extras with the Gold S31. Aside from the SSD, the only other things in the box were a couple of small, fold out guides containing warranty information as well as some brief installation instructions.

Physical Features:

The Gold S31 looks very similar to other 2.5-inch SSDs on the market today. The drive's outer casing is made entirely out of metal, and along with it being strong and durable, the textured finish looks great. On the top of the Gold S31 there is also a black sticker with the same branding and gold "nugget" that is found on the box.

The Gold S31 is the first drive to utilize SK hynix's "Quartz" SH87830CC controller. Aside from the fact that it was designed and produced in-house, very little is known about the Quartz controller at this time.

For the 1TB version of the Gold S31, SK hynix has opted to use its own 72-layer 3D TLC NAND flash. Looking at the pictures above, you can see that there is a 512GB NAND flash package on either side of the PCB. The drive also has a single DRAM chip of unknown capacity that is used for caching.