Advanced Media has announced a new converter that allows a CompactFlash card to function as a Solid State Drive (SSD). Using the converter, two Ridata CF cards can be configured into a RAID 1 array and mounted in a drive bay or a slot on the rear of a PC or notebook.

Advanced Media, Inc., is a manufacturer and marketer of the Ridata brand of electronic storage products, and digital accessories. The company is pleased to announce Ridata 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash® cards plus a SATA Converter RAID 1. Compatible Ridata CF cards range in capacity from 512MB to 32GB. The adapter allows a CF card to function as a Solid State Drive (SSD). In the case of a hard drive failure, the CF card via the converter appears as an ordinary hard drive to any OS and can be configured as a boot device.

"Many of our portable device customers would like to try an SSD without the bigger price tag. Our industrial customers face the problem of waiting for long hard disk drive (HDD) rebuilds that may cause over heating issues. By using our CF card and SATA converter, users can hot swap the HDD with the card and converter saving storage rebuild time with low temperatures and high transfer speeds," commented Harvey Liu, president of Advanced Media, Inc.

Controller Information
Now users can choose what capacity CF card to use and connect the CF card directly to the SATA ATA controller via a SATA converter in a RAID 1 configuration. Ridata now offers a SATA-CF adapter that can be installed in a drive bay or in a slot on the rear of the PC or notebook.

The Compact Flash Card Plus a SATA HDD Converter RAID 1 supports up to PIO Mode-6 and UDMA Mode-4. It is compatible with Ridata CF card capacities of 512MB through 32GB. The converter also supports Intel® Robson cache technology that ensures the fast start-up of Centrino-based notebook PC's and is compatible with Microsoft® Vista Ready Boost® cache technology.

Ridata 233X and 300X CF Cards
Its 32GB 233X CF card (approximately 35MB/per sec) and high-speed writing up to 12MB/per second or 300X CF card with Read up to 45MB/s and Write up to 29MB/s are achieved by dual-channel data throughput. (Note: Speeds may vary depending on device used.) An automatic power management feature assures low power consumption.

Ridata CF cards are host ATA disk I/O BIOS, DOS and Windows file system, utilities, and application software compatible. Its controller supports Ultra DMA Mode 4. CIS is implemented with 256 bytes of attribute memory. It supports 8 or 16-bit host transfers with any host speed using IORDY. An Error Correction Code (ECC) is also embedded. The card also provides forward and backward functionality and carries a two-year warranty.

Ridata 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash® cards plus a SATA Converter RAID 1 will be available in Q1 2009. As with all Ridata brand products it will be competitively street priced.