Advanced Media has announced their new RIDATA Fingerprint USB Flash Drive. By using fingerprint verification, this new flash drive protects your data without the need for a password or special software.

Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories, is set to introduce its RIDATA Fingerprint USB Flash Drive. Designed for use in both professional and home applications, it integrates several advanced biometric-verification technologies to ensure user authenticity as well as provide secure data storage. No password or special software is needed.

"Since data stored on the new RIDATA Fingerprint USB Flash Drive can only be accessed through fingerprint verification, the unit provides unsurpassed security," stated Harvey Liu, Advanced Media president. "All of its functions are specifically based on one user's fingerprint, eliminating use by anyone else. It is an easy and convenient means of protecting personal as well as business information from unintended eyes or unscrupulous individuals."
The RIDATA Fingerprint USB Flash Drive is available in sizes ranging from 128MB to 4GB and comes with a two year warranty. More information can be found here.