ASUS has launched WAVI, the world’s first wireless HDMI kit to feature innovative two-way wireless USB control designed to stream PC content to the big screen TV. WAVI (Wireless Audio Video Interaction) is offered as a pair of devices that bridges the gap between the home office and living room. Watch movies, play the latest PC games, enjoy social networking or even do online shopping, all on the big screen TV from the comfort of a couch.

asus wavi wireless hdmi kit.jpg

The WAVI HDMI streaming kit consists of a transmitter and receiver for two-way input and streaming. Unlike other wireless HDMI kits, the WAVI allows users to control the PC content in the living room with a wireless keyboard and mouse, thanks to wireless USB support. The WAVI operates at the wireless 5GHz band and provides up to 25 meters of coverage. Additionally, under the Extend Mode, users can continue working on the PC screen while streaming multimedia content to the living room TV – maximizing the use of a single home PC while also providing home entertainment experiences.

PC fun made easy on the big screen TV
The WAVI is easy to set up, with only an HDMI connection needed on each unit. Plug the transmitter end to the PC and the receiver end to a TV with an HDMI connection for wireless entertainment. Anything that can be enjoyed on the PC can now be enjoyed on the living room TV — stream high quality Blu-ray movies, play PC games lag-free, listen to music, keep up with friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter or do some online shopping, all from the comfort of the couch.

  • Model Name: WAVI
  • Wireless standard: AMIMON WHDI Technology
  • Antenna: 4 x 5 MIMO
  • Operation Channel: 5 GHz
  • Power Supply Transmitter and Receiver: 12V, 2A 24W adapters
  • Power consumption: 24W
  • Resolution: 1080p, 1080i , 720p, 576p, 480p
  • 3D Videos: 1080p@24Hz
  • Dimensions: 241 x 171 x 290mm
  • Adapter and Cables:
    • AC adapter x2
    • HDMI cable x2
    • USB cable x1