The ASUS SDRW-08D3S-U external 8X DVD writer adds instant optical media to various devices via USB 2.0 and the exclusive AV Function, including smart TVs and tablets. It maintains full compatibility with Windows and Mac OS, and keeps data safe through multiple security methods plus 256-bit encryption. Its Zen-like design sets it apart from generic drives as it delivers ASUS AVWHERE optical media convenience, just as the slender 20mm profile and 365g weight factor allow it to integrate easily into any home entertainment center as well as complement portable devices that require easy mobility.


Connecting instantly to different devices via USB 2.0, the SDRW-08D3S-U offers one-press AV Function switching that automatically syncs it with PCs, smart TVs and tablets, turning it into their external optical media drive for setup-free multimedia playback. Customers can therefore easily enjoy content in living rooms as well as anywhere in homes via portable devices. It is therefore highly useful in situations where devices do not have a built-in optical drive. For better flexibility and to accommodate more customers, the SDRW-08D3S-U ships with support for multiple versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS. The feature set remains full and consistent across all compatible operating systems.

Elegant Zen-inspired and highly portable design
Reflecting the strong influence of Zen thinking on other products from ASUS, the SDRW-08D3S-U differentiates itself from commodity external drives with a unique design. External panels employ a glossy finish, while sophisticated fabrication methods create a delicate look with round forms at its foundation, echoing the appearance of optical discs. The SDRW-08D3S-U blends in seamlessly with any home entertainment center with its slim and compact form factor. It comes bundled with a stand that allows for vertical and horizontal placement based on customer preference. Drawing power from any USB 2.0 port, the SDRW-08D3S-U does not require a dedicated power adapter, saving customers bulk and weight and affording a much faster and neater user experience with simple plug n play setup. Product thickness reaches a mere 20mm and total weight just 365g. These figures make the SDRW-08D3S-U a stylish external drive users can easily carry anywhere and use in a diversity of situations, as required by the ASUS AVWHERE approach to audio visual enjoyment wherever customers may be.

Multi-layered security measures
The latest 256-bit encryption keeps all data stored on discs using the SDRW-08D3S-U extra safe. It joins password-controlled access and hidden-file folder masking to offer complete confidentiality, ensuring important information remains secure and private at all times.