With 6x Blu-ray Disc writers hitting the market, media manufacturers have begun to produce BD-R discs capable of these speeds. DigiTimes is reporting that both CMC and Ritek are in the process of getting their 6x BD-R media certfied and plan to begin volume production later this year.
CMC Magnetics and Ritek have 6x Blu-ray Disc (BD)-R discs in the process of certification by potential clients and plan to kick off volume production in August and some time in the third quarter, respectively, according to the two companies.

Japan-based Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) last week became the world's first vendor to unveil 6x BD-R discs and will launch single- and double-layer versions for sale in Japan next month, according to industry sources in Taiwan. The BD Association approved the 6x BD-R specification in March defining a maximum write speed of 216Mbps, 20-25% faster than that of 16x DVD+R/-R, the sources noted.
The article also points out that 6x BD-R discs are expected to be relatively expensive and that discs rated at 2x and 4x will remain the mainstream standard. If you'd like to read more, head on over to DigiTimes.