copytrax ns2100.jpgDigital media technology company Copytrax have announced the launch of their Copytrax NS2100 CD, DVD and Blu Ray network publishing system, a system that will enable companies and organisations to efficiently create CD's and DVD's for products such as music, film, software and games, as well as corporate data, presentations and product data. This “Multi-platform” Windows, Mac OS & Linux, Network Connected Machine is capable of copying data to disk and printing on body labels, delivering finished digital media.

"This is a very capable piece of equipment," said Steve Woods, of Copytrax. "It is 'Internet Browser Controlled' so that any permitted person within the company can create the content and label design for the disk and control production from their desktop, wherever they are in the world. The system uses a secure on-line software package (embedded in the machine) that makes the whole process very easy and very flexible."

The Copytrax NS2100 is built to a high standard and delivers professional quality CD and DVD and optional Blu-Ray duplication and high quality on-body print. With both the record and print technology enclosed within a single cabinet, the Copytrax NS2100 looks smart and attractive and is ideal for use in an office or reception area. The new NS2100 comes with a wide range of features that make it ideal for corporate use, such as user login security, label design lock-out, control quotas and job priorities on a user-by-user basis and full system logging that is accessible in real time.

"What is really clever about this particular CD duplicator is the fact that it can accommodate a mix of CD formats," said Steve Woods. "One hopper can hold a stack of DVD's and the other CD's or Blu Ray - the user can then define which format they wish to use. We are confident that for public organisations and the corporate sector, the NS2100 will provide an excellent solution for the professional on-site creation of digital media.

The Copytrax NS2100 can hold 150 discs and is capable of the duplication and full-colour printing of 40 discs per hour. The Copytrax NS2100 can also be used in a stand-alone mode, by the use of the control panel on the front of the machine.