DIGISTOR, a trusted provider of solid state drives, optical drives, and Blu-ray recordable media, has announced the release of their 4th generation external optical drive now with USB 3.0 connectivity. Designed to deliver tireless performance and reliability, DIGISTOR’s newest addition to their range of optical drives promises to be the most compatible external DVD and Blu-ray drives on the market.

digitstor usb3 slot bd writer

The newly released external optical drives are self-powered with a single USB cable, offering energy efficiency and a simple setup. Thanks to the unique power efficient USB design the DIGISTOR drives are built to take advantage of the fast USB 3.0 bus as well as be fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0 connections making it the industry’s most compatible Blu-ray and DVD drive. The drive supports both USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 applications while still offering a single cable solution, no wall adapter needed.

This 4th generation series of external optical drives was created to meet the demanding quality and compatibility requirements of the company’s professional and industrial customers. Several CD, DVD and Blu-ray models are available in both tray-loading and slot-loading versions. DIGISTOR also offers highly customized solutions for industry specific or specialized applications.

“We are very excited about this addition to our 2015 product line as an example of DIGISTOR’s dedication to offering our customers cutting-edge technology and unique industry specific solutions,” says Murray Ellis, Director of Engineering for DIGISTOR.

DIGISTOR’s USB 3.0 optical drives are available now. Visit http://www.digistor.com for more information.