Digital Flex Media Inc., a leading manufacturer of CD replication, DVD replication, Flex-DVD replication, Anti-Piracy Disc Protection and other CD DVD duplication services, has launched an innovative line of Rub’n Smell Discs to help businesses, marketers and advertisers cost-effectively connect with and influence target markets in an extraordinarily powerful way.

Digital Flex Media Inc.’s Rub’n Smell Discs integrate a desired scent into the inks that cover the company’s CDs, DVDs, and Flex VCD DVDs. The scented varnish is transparent, activates when rubbed, dissipates in a few seconds, and can be re-activated any time for years to come. Smell intensity can also be modified by enlarging or reducing the physical size of the scented area.

Available scents include fresh fruit, flowers, various perfumes, coffee, pizza, chocolate, apple pie, and many others. Digital Flex Media can source new scents that are ideal for a particular product or campaign, or clients can supply their own fragrance oils (provided that they meet quality, composition and safety standards).

“All flavors come from smell, and smells alter and influence how we behave, the state of our mood, and even the kinds of thoughts we have,” commented Mohab Sabry, CEO of Digital Flex Media Inc. “Plus, smells typically have a certain feeling associated with them, and they’re more connected to our emotions and memories than any other sense. Given all of this, it makes total strategic sense why businesses, marketers and advertisers would want to engage target markets on the olfactory -- or sense of smell – level as much, or even more, than other traditional levels, such as visual, tactile and auditory.”

Added Sabry: “The Boston Herald, Media Post, New York Post and New York Times’ marketing research department discovered that when given a choice between two similar foods or beverage products, 81% of customers preferred the one that they could smell and see vs. just see. That means scent doesn’t just alter customer behavior – it profoundly shifts it in one direction. Rub’n Smell Discs help businesses, marketers and advertisers benefit from this fact and get a definite, lasting edge in a competitive marketplace.”

Business, marketers and advertisers who want to connect with and influence their target markets in an extraordinarily powerful way can learn more about Digital Flex Media Inc.’s Rub’n Smell Discs on the company’s website: