DISC Archiving Systems B.V. (“DISC”), market leader in professional data archiving, is proud to announce the New ArXtor Series, the next generation of Blu-ray Archival Storage Library Solutions.


Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the new ArXtor Series continues with DISC´s long tradition of developing innovative, direct-attached automated optical library  solutions.  Mechanically based on DISC´s industry proven DISC Series  “touchless media”, patented SmartPack and reliable robotics technology, the new ArXtor Series using industry leading Blu-ray optical drive technologies is a turnkey archival storage automation solution for  managing 120mm optical media  (BD/BDXL/DVD/CD).

“Today’s customer IT infrastructures and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) demand new connectivity (iSCSI & NAS) and tiered storage appliance technologies along with enhanced user interface and system management capabilities to support intuitive and dynamic remote diagnostics. Our aim was to develop a complete range of libraries, really meeting the requirements of the 21st century and the new ArXtor Series has been developed with this clear vision in mind.” states Kees Machielsen, CEO of DISC Archiving Systems.

The new ArXtor Series provides a full range of iSCSI Blu-ray libraries that integrate easily  into any server and/or network environment as well as a range of scalable Appliances  which can be effortlessly configured as Purpose-Built Archive Appliances, tailored to fit into a variety of dedicated application environments.

ArXtor Series Key Features include:

  • iSCSI interface providing simple, low-cost and unifying GigE interface to most network environments, facilitating native storage protocol to any Windows and/or Linux system.
  • Intelligent front-panel touch display and Web GUI facilitating intuitive and valuable  local and remote (Java client) diagnostic capabilities, setting new standards for intelligent and remote support of Blu-ray Library systems.
  • ArXtor Appliances based on KVM open-source Hypervisor utilizing Intel VT-x technology, which can be configured with up to two (2) Virtual  environments/machine(s), eliminating the need for additional hardware and providing an unlimited number of integration possibilities.

“The ArXtor Series builds upon DISC’s legacy of innovation, strong reputation for reliability and delivers to our partners/customers new iSCSI connectivity as well as a new purpose-built Blu-ray optical archiving Appliance solution.  DISC will continue to sell/support the current BD Series of direct-attached optical libraries into select application environments; however the new ArXtor Series allows DISC to meet the growing IT infrastructure demands and integrated Appliance requirements of strategic markets including Corporate/Industry tiered archival Storage, Healthcare, Law Enforcement/Surveillance and Broadcast/Video solutions to name a few,” adds Mark Brown, VP Sales-North America.  “The ArXtor Series offers a low TCO while optimizing long-term data storage with the lowest data storage energy consumption solution available today.”