DivX, Inc. announced today that Funai's latest Blu-ray Disc player has been certified for DivX playback. According to their press release, the B1-M110 will be launched in the European market in October.

funai b1-m110.png

With DivX Certification, Funai’s new Blu-ray player, the B1-M110, is capable of seamlessly playing back high-quality DivX® video. DivX technology enables a premium visual experience in digital video while considerably reducing its file size. The B1-M110 will allow consumers to play back DivX video that has been burned to DVDs and CDs. Funai’s newest Blu-ray player expands the DivX ecosystem within the Blu-ray device category and joins over 100 million other DivX Certified® devices shipped by DivX licensees into the market including digital televisions, mobile phones, digital cameras, personal media players and set-top boxes.  

Consumers are increasingly turning to next generation solutions for their home entertainment and there has been continual demand from them to support the playback of DivX video in the living room,” said Moriyasu Yoshitake, General Manager, DVD Product Planning Department, Funai Electric. “Working with DivX has allowed us to provide our customers with a high-quality solution for digital video.

DivX has become a standard feature in the DVD category and our increasing traction within Blu-ray devices speaks to our continued mission of enabling a high-quality media experience across any device,” said Patrice Lagrange, Senior Vice President, Products, DivX, Inc. “Consumers have demanded a premium experience for their digital video entertainment and the DivX Certified B1-M110 delivers.”

If you'd like to read more, DivX's entire press release can be found here.