DigiTimes has reported that the demand for half-height and slim-type DVD burners has been higher than expected this quarter. As a result, the supply of key components like pick-up heads and digital signal processors has been well short of demand.
HLDS is suffering insufficient supply of pick-up heads (PUHs) and DSPs (digital signal processors) and as a result the company's shipment volumes of some H/H DVD burner models and 9.5mm super slim DVD burners are short of demand by as much as 20-30%, Son pointed out. However, the gap in shipment volume is much smaller for H/H DVD-ROM and Combo drives as well as 12.7mm slim-type DVD burners, Son indicated.

Lite-On IT is facing a shortage of PUHs used in H/H DVD burners and, in turn, has felt pressure from its US and European clients in asking for shipments to be sent by air instead of sea, according to recent reports.
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