IronKey recently announced the launch of the IronKey Secure Flash Drive with Internet Protection Services. This new USB flash drive provides onboard hardware encryption to protect your data as well as integrated internet services like secure web browsing and password management.

The IronKey has been designed to be the world’s most secure USB flash drive, using onboard hardware encryption to protect the gigabytes of files that can be stored on the device. No software or drivers need to be installed on the host computer to use an IronKey. A password is used to unlock the IronKey, and this is verified in hardware. If an IronKey is lost or stolen, attempts to unlock or tamper with it will trigger a self-destruct sequence, ensuring data is kept confidential.

What sets the IronKey apart from other secure USB flash drives is its integrated Internet services, which leverage the encryption and authentication power of the IronKey Cryptochip to protect Internet passwords and web surfing. When the IronKey is plugged into a computer and unlocked with a password, its owner can use the IronKey Password Manager to securely store and manage all of his online passwords, and protect them from phishing, pharming and keylogging threats.
The IronKey Secure Flash Drive with Internet Protection Services is available now in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. Full details can be found on the IronKey website.