Kanguru Solutions has released a new full featured, entry level, hard drive duplicator. The Kanguru HD Duplicator Mini Clone is an ultra compact, stand alone 1 target Hard Drive Duplicator. In the high priced hard drive duplicator market, the Mini Clone stands alone as an affordable solution with all the features of the higher priced models.

kanguru hd duplicator mini clone.jpg

“This is a great solution for people or companies watching their bottom line.” said Noah Manders, Product Manager at Kanguru Solutions. “It has all the features people have come to expect from Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators, at an incredibly affordable price. It is a perfect complement to our larger scale duplicators.”

The Kanguru HD Duplicator Mini Clone has multiple interfaces for connecting drives, so users can copy to and from almost any storage device: 2.5” or 3.5” SATA Hard Drives, USB external hard drives, eSATA external hard drives and even USB flash drives. SATA connectivity allows for up to 120MB/s data transfer rates making it faster than ever to duplicate a hard drive!

A sharp OLED display and intuitive user interface makes the Kanguru HD Duplicator Mini Clone extremely quick and easy to use! Just attach a master drive and a target drive, select the copy mode and begin making copies.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Secure erase/disk wipe
  • Resize/upgrade existing drives to larger capacities
  • Ultra fast drive imaging for backup and restoring (No software needed)
  • Portability – It’s small enough to IT admins to carry around

The Kanguru HD Duplicator Mini Clone can also be connected to a Mac or PC through USB or eSATA, allowing it to use any one drive connected to it as an external storage device.