Memorex has also announced the release of their 8x DVD+R DL and 4x DVD-R DL media. Here's part of their press release:
Memorex, the number one North American retail provider of digital media, adds to its industry-leading line-up with the highest performing Double and Dual Layer (DL) DVD media available. Memorex 8X DVD+R Double Layer and 4X DVD-R Dual Layer discs deliver the industry's fastest recording speeds and up to 8.5 GB of recording capacity.

Ideally suited for home entertainment enthusiasts, Memorex DL media can record movies or other content, featuring 80 percent more capacity than a standard DVD. Longer continuous recording makes Memorex DL media ideal for recording movies, music and sporting events. DL discs offer DVD-quality picture resolution with four hours of recording time - about two hours more than a single layer DVD - accommodating most standard length movies on one disc. In addition to entertainment fans, computer users also will find high-capacity double layer DVDs to be an ideal back-up and storage medium for their data files.
Memorex's 8x DVD+R DL and 4x DVD-R DL media is expected to ship later this month. Suggested retail prices for both formats are $29.99 for a five-pack with slim jewel cases or $39.99 for a 10-pack spindle. More information can be found here.