MF Digital has announced that they've partnered with Teac to offer P55 Dye Sublimation Re-Transfer printers with their automated duplication systems. Here's part of their press release:
"We are pleased to announce the partnership with Teac as the Teac P55 printer provides unparalleled CD DVD print quality for those needing high resolution, color prints without the worry of fading or scratching over time," explains Greg Morris, marketing manager. "The award-winning robotics of MF Digital coupled with the Teac Dye Sublimation printer result in the highest performing, automated direct-to-disc labeling system available."

John McGrath, MF Digital sales manager explains, "The resolution is 400DPI which is equivalent to 290LPI - the highest in the industry. This allows the print quality to hold more detail then even silk-screen solutions. In addition, the P55 printer does not bleed between colors, is smudge proof, waterproof, scratch resistant and very stable under UV light, making it the ideal print solution for professional looking, permanent labels."
If you'd like to read more, MF Digital's entire press release can be found here.