millenniata logoMillenniata and MKM/Verbatim announce the first 100GB Blu-ray optical discs which will enable consumers, SMBs and enterprises to utilize large-scale optical storage to capitalize on the greater than 1,000 year archival storage life that M-DISC technology provides! The 100GB M-DISC Blu-ray media will be available for shipment globally through the Verbatim and Millenniata Channels by the end of February 2015.

MKM/Verbatim is world renowned for pushing the boundaries of optical disc technology and delivering high quality products. This latest Blu-ray media is being manufactured at the Mizushima factory in Japan and has undergone rigorous and extensive tests to ensure both performance and compliance. Manufactured in accordance to and conforming to the standard BDXL specification, the 100 GB M-DISC media will work in any BDXL capable Blu-ray drive.

The 100GB BD M-DISC has been tested by MKM, Millenniata and 3rd parties according to the internationally-accepted lifetime testing standard ISO/IEC 16963 2nd ed. The outcome is a remarkable average lifetime of significantly more than 2,000 years with no more than 1 failure per 100,000 discs expected, after more than 1,000 years at 25C (77F) and 50% relative humidity. In other words, data can be reliably stored for centuries on the 100 GB BD M-DISC in a typical home or office closet.

Paul Brockbank, CEO, Millenniata commented, “This is a very exciting time for us as we now have product offerings that cater to all market sectors from consumer to enterprise with our DVD, Blu-ray, and now BDXL media. The longevity of our media is proven and with the manufacturing support and co-operation of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media we are confident that our OEM’s and channel partners will be very happy with the quality.”

Tetsuya Mutsu, President, MKM added, “Millenniata has clearly developed outstanding archival-grade, data storage capabilities with its M-DISC-brand and technology. As the world’s leading supplier of optical media, combining the M-DISC, Verbatim and MKM brands further strengthens our position in the market and broadens our portfolio of archival-grade data storage products to both consumer and enterprise users.”