millenniata logo.pngMillenniata and Verbatim today announced a global M-Disc partnership that Millenniata's Chief Executive described as "deep and wide-ranging."

Under the partnership, Verbatim—and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM)— will begin worldwide marketing and sales programs of M-Disc-branded DVDs and Blu-ray discs (BDs) and technologies to consumers and enterprise customers. MKM will also pursue M-Disc partnerships with archival software developers, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the personal computer and optical disc drive (ODD) markets, including M-Ready® ODD manufacturers.

Initial Verbatim and MKM M-Disc product offerings under this agreement will include the following:

End-users and SMBs

  • 4.7GB DVD M-Discs
  • 25GB BD-R M-Discs
  • 100GB BD-R BDXL M-Discs

Enterprise Customers

  • 100GB BD-R BDXL M-Discs
  • 200GB double-sided, Blu-ray Disc (BD-DSD) M-Discs

Additionally, Millenniata, Verbatim and MKM have agreed to joint development efforts designed to expand the capabilities and capacities of archival-grade data storage technologies both in terms of longevity and data storage capacity.

"We are excited about such a deep and wide-ranging strategic partnership with Verbatim, a global leader in data storage technologies, and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media," said Paul Brockbank, CEO of Millenniata. "Clearly, the explosive growth in digital content creation at the consumer and enterprise level is continuing to accelerate and we are proud to provide the world's best technology and media to preserve that critical digital content. We understand how important preserving our most precious data is; so does Verbatim. That is why we are so pleased to be able to partner with Verbatim and MKM to advance the availability of M-Discs in multiple formats, storage size capacities and to create future products together that expand the capacity and longevity even further."

Millenniata's patented M-Disc technologies for archival-grade optical Blu-ray discs and DVD disc storage mean that users can record and store data that can last for up to 1,000 years.

"Millenniata has clearly developed outstanding archival-grade, data storage capabilities with its M-Disc-branded technologies," said Tetsuya Mutsu, President of MKM. "Verbatim is the world's leading supplier of optical media. By combining the M-Disc, Verbatim and MKM brands together, we are further strengthening our position in the market and broadening our portfolio of archival-grade data storage products for enterprises and consumers."

Verbatim/MKM anticipates that its co-branded Verbatim and MKM/M-Disc DVDs and Blu-ray discs will be available in late 2014.