Showing continued growth and market interest from both consumers and enterprises for long-lasting, compliance-ready permanent data storage, Millenniata has introduced its 25 GB Blu-ray M-Disc. The M-Disc optical media (DVD and now Blu-ray) is the only storage option to preserve information, photos and videos for hundreds of years. Optical media is the responsible choice because of its unparalleled longevity, broad compatibility, high reliability, energy efficiency and durability against electromagnetic pulses and catastrophes. With the recent Blu-ray Disc Association approval, the M-Disc Blu-ray works in most standard Blu-ray drives and is being shipped to customers as of April 1, 2014.


According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the digital universe is growing at a remarkable pace – doubling about every two years in both the consumer and enterprise segments. Consumers, for instance, take twice the photos/videos per person now than a few years ago and those images are much larger files. For both enterprises and consumers, this increase in file creation and the reality that virtually all storage mediums have a limited life, means that reliable, long-lasting, archival quality storage options are essential.


  • The 25 GB M-Disc Blu-ray retains all of the longevity characteristics of the M-Disc DVD but can store five times the data. The 25 GB Blu-ray M-Disc received certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association in February of this year and is available for purchase immediately at
  • The M-Disc’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials known to last for centuries. By etching into the rock-like data layer, a permanent physical data record is created that is immune to data rot caused by light, heat, humidity and more.
  • M-Disc has competitively priced the Blu-ray M-Disc, making it attractive and affordable to consumers and enterprises alike with a retail price of only $4.50-4.99 per disc based on quantities.
  • The Blu-ray M-Disc is manufactured to industry standards making it compatible with most Blu-ray writers on the market. Please see for questions on drive compatibility.


Paul Brockbank, Millenniata President and CEO:
“Whether you are a business protecting regulated corporate assets, or a parent saving special family photographs, there is a huge need to store, access and save important information and files. All M-Disc products have been created and tested to ensure that they will preserve data for centuries, regardless of the environmental factors at play. We’re thrilled to offer greater capacity through our new 25GB M-Disc Blu-ray, drastically reducing the cost per gigabyte. Millenniata is equally excited that the leading optical disc drive brands and PC brands have adopted the M-technology and will be carrying the M-logo in 2014.”