With reports of cyber warfare, new NSA scandals or massive data thefts (i.e. Sony) increasing by the day, businesses worldwide seem helpless and ask the most critical question in 2015: How can we protect our most critical business information and data archives when even the most secure cloud services or server farms can’t?

Germany-based Nero AG faced this challenge and advises corporations to store their most sensitive data on optical media, preventing any online access and therefore drastically reducing the risk of exposure. As a leader in creation of physical media with Nero’s world-famous application Nero Burning ROM and its built-in SecurDisc 3.0 technology, Nero has the right solution for companies seeking to physically protect their data. And with the new Volume Licensing model available for core Nero products, businesses have an easier-than-ever way to roll out this data protection technique corporate-wide.

Three Reasons Why Burning & SecurDisc 3.0 Matters in 2015:

- Backs up data to CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays and makes them last longer and protects from scratches by using data redundancy techniques.

- Optical discs are only physically available and can’t be accessed remotely.

- Protects sensitive files from theft and loss thanks to best-in-class encryption, password protection, and digital signatures.

SecurDisc 3.0 is built right into the flagship products Nero 2015 Standard – Burning ROM, Nero 2015 Premium, and Nero 2015 Platinum.

Nero Volume Licensing Helps Roll out Data Protection

In addition to the traditional retail box, there is a Volume License program available for channel partners. Customers can opt between three versions each with a different feature set: Nero 2015 Standard - Burning ROM, Nero 2015 Premium, and Nero 2015 Platinum. The software is especially designed for business use and provides proven capabilities for data backup to optical media as well as a comprehensive multimedia package.

“Any data that’s stored on a remotely accessible device – a PC, a hard disk, the cloud, even a NAS – isn’t 100% secured against online threats. To help you guard your most critical data, we engineered SecurDisc 3.0 to help you physically store that data – and lock it away.” says Daniel Benz, Vice President Global Sales & Managing Director EMEA. “And with our Volume Licensing model introduced to our range of products which include SecurDisc 3.0, it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever to secure your data.”

Data security features plus cutting-edge creative resources makes Nero products the best solution for maximizing your business efficiency, security and creativity. Find out more about the benefits of Nero's Volume License program by visiting www.nero.com.