nero 2017 platinum boxLaunching today is the latest version of Nero 2017, the successful multimedia software for burning, copying, creating, editing, ripping, converting, playing and streaming media content.

This latest edition sees significant improvements such as ease of use, playback, video editing, transcoding and burning, as well as sharing videos, photos and music in the highest quality. Nero is positioning itself as users ‘best-friend’ for day-to-day digital life. For example, through support for the HEVC (H.265) format, SecurDisc 4.0 for the highest security standard for burned discs and the Nero KnowHow App, which enables users to get the best out of their Nero software.

Nero users have thousands of photos, videos and other multimedia files stored on lots of different devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops. Looking for a specific file can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack with users trying to remember where they saved it. The Classic and Platinum versions of Nero 2017 put an end to this by allowing users to search via timeline, faces, places and tags. While the Nero 2017 Classic multimedia suite includes extensive functions for mastering the day-to-day digital life, Nero 2017 Platinum delivers especially high-quality results thanks to cutting-edge technology (HEVC/H.265) and advanced functions.

Nero 2017 Classic – A Masterpiece for Versatile Playback and Editing

Getting started with Nero 2017 Classic has been optimised and tailored to meet users’ needs. Nero QuickStart makes the ten most common tasks for photos, videos and music available immediately. Simply select the desired media content, add it to the appropriate project and enjoy the results, or switch to the familiar excellent playback in all popular formats. Support for Gracenote® technology in the Nero MediaHome universal media center ensures that songs are always shown with the original album cover and can also be transferred to mobile devices. This means that users can simply and easily play their favorite songs using the familiar album cover.

Another new feature is the ability to play back films with existing subtitles (SRT files). In addition, users can easily add and play back additional subtitles using drag & drop. And there’s something else that makes working with Nero 2017 Classic now even easier; In the past users could expect to spend a long time exporting various highlight scenes from a long video film. They can now do this very quickly and in one go with the new “Multi Export” function.

Nero’s industry leading burning technology has also been further enhanced. Users wanting to add special security to their images, music, videos and data can now use the new SecurDisc 4.0 feature with powerful password protection and 256-bit industry-standard encryption. This keeps sensitive data highly protected and the burned discs are particularly durable.

And that’s not all! Nero 2017 Classic now comes with the latest in-device support for converting files to mobile devices and provides 1-click conversion of audio CDs to connected smartphones and tablet PCs as well as all Gracenote® information in the file, including album cover, transferred to the mobile device. Gracenote® functions are also available on disc when burning CDs and DVDs with MP3 or AAC files for a car radio.

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Obtaining Even Better Results with Nero 2017 Platinum

Anyone wishing to get even more from their multimedia files can rely on the Nero 2017 Platinum suite, which provides all the functions of Nero 2017 Classic and delivers especially high-quality results for playback, video editing and output thanks to its advanced functions. Here, users requiring especially high quality will see their demands met.

Besides improved Ultra HD (4K) support for playback, video editing and output, the Platinum suite has been extended to include the new, very high-quality HEVC format. Also known as H.265, “High Efficiency Video Coding” delivers significant improvements to picture quality in HD and 4K while halving file size. HEVC is used in Nero 2017 Platinum for playback, video editing and transcoding. The number of devices that support HEVC is growing so users of Nero 2017 Platinum are well set to benefit from the format at no extra cost.

Alongside over 300 additional effects, video filters and templates for video editing, Nero 2017 Platinum also brings numerous enhancements in the area of 4K. For example, 42 4K-optimized templates can be used to create film or slideshows automatically and hundreds of 4K effects can be embedded as native into 4K projects and also output in full 4K quality. Tried and tested functions and spectacular effects like picture-in-picture, chroma-keying, slow motion, time lapse, tilt-shift and many more are all included in Nero 2017 Platinum.

For music fans, Nero 2017 Platinum continues to offer the Music Recorder. It enables users to record MP3s from thousands of radio stations free of charge.

New Free Apps for Better Results

Nero 2017 also takes changing user behavior into account by offering numerous free, new and optimised apps. They add even greater performance to the extensive range of features in Nero 2017 Classic and Nero 2017 Platinum.

The Nero KnowHow App was created as a simple, fast and clear interactive learning guide. It assists users with their multimedia projects, gives them answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) with useful tips and tricks and offers direct access to more than 50 short video tutorials, contains application manuals, a glossary and more. In Windows 10 it can be accessed directly from the relevant application or from the start menu. It can also be used at any time on the move via smartphone or tablet PC (iOS, Android, Windows® 10 Phone).

The Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App has been optimised and now also made available for iOS. With it, users can very easily transfer photos and videos from their mobile device to their PCs and send their favorite songs from their PC back to their mobile device wirelessly – in the highest quality. Better and faster transmission technology and availability for iPhone and iPad mean that truly all Nero users can now benefit.

The Nero Streaming Player App has also been enhanced, making it even simpler to stream images, video and music on smartphones and tablet PCs (iOS and Android™) to a smart TV in the home network. This now means that zooming and rotating on a smartphone can be displayed on a smart TV in real time. And last but not least, the app also makes it possible to search the Nero MediaHome universal media center straight from a mobile device and to play photos, slide shows, music and music playlists from a PC on a smart TV.

The Nero Receiver App has also seen significant enhancements. In addition to Nero MediaHome, countless other UPnP/DLNA media servers can also be used to play media from a mobile device using the app. With the Nero Streaming Player App as a server and the Nero Receiver App as a receiver, media files can now also be streamed wirelessly from one mobile device to the other.

Private and Commercial Use

Private users can buy a single licensed copy of Nero 2017 Classic or Platinum Suite for MSRP US $99.99 and MSRP US $129.99 respectively online at or from retailers. Owners of a previous version of Nero can also upgrade at a special price. The familiar standalone solutions Nero Burning ROM (US $49.99), Nero MediaHome (US $19.99), Nero Recode (US $39.99) and Nero Video (US $49.99) have also been enhanced with the relevant functions and can be purchased online at

Nero offers special volume licenses for companies, public agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. These come in three versions: Nero 2017 Standard – Burning ROM, Nero 2017 Premium and Nero 2017 Platinum.

All the mobile apps can be downloaded for free from the relevant app store.

You can obtain further information and download a 15-day test version and an overview of the complete range of products at