nero video premium 2With Nero Video Premium 2, Nero launches a new version of its independent video edition software. Nero Video Premium 2 is a complete solution for organizing photos and videos, editing and creating movies and slideshows, burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as for playing back and streaming videos, photos and music files on PC, smartphones, tablets and televisions. The software, both in the boxed and the downloadable version, is now available at a great price.

Nero Video Premium 2 allows both experience users and beginners to create and edit videos. Two modes are available: an Express mode, for beginners, and a more comprehensive and advanced editing mode. With the Express mode, beginners can create sophisticated video in minutes, while the more advanced mode offers experienced users numerous video editing settings, satisfying any requirement.

Users can use the software to edit content in 4K resolution, availing of hundreds of drag-and-drop effect templates as well as professional video effects, transitions, texts and PiP effects. In addition, they may avail of powerful advanced multi-track editing with full control and superb key-frame handling. All effects can easily be stored and later reused as drag-and-drop templates.

"Often, people record and store videos that they never actually watch. With Nero Video, we provide users with a simple and powerful tool for retrieving these treasures, hidden in their hard drive, and turning them into spectacular videos," says Jürgen Kurz, CEO of Nero. "With Nero Video, beginners can easily combine video clips and add the desired effects. In this way, they can give free rein to their creativity, without first having to wade through complicated instruction manuals."

Nero Video Premium 2 also offers the following features:

  • Hollywood effects: over 800 video, text and sound effects, transitions and backgrounds; retro movie effects; tilt-shift effects; and film templates for making films in semi-automatic mode.
  • Video stabilization: a powerful engine lets you stabilize shaky footage with the highest video quality.
  • Tilt-Shift: this feature allows users to transform panoramic images into miniature worlds. The drag-and-drop templates of the Tilt-Shift effect come with Time-Lapse and Slow Motion as standard, to obtain professional results with just one click.
  • Picture-in-Picture: the PiP mode allows users to view multiple video clips in a single image. This is the perfect choice when you have taken footage of an event from different perspectives or when you want to show a number of results in a single view.
  • Creating high quality video discs: this feature supports the processing and export of DVD-Video™, Blu-ray Disc™ and AVCHD, with high quality menu templates.
  • 4K videos: Nero Video Premium 2 supports video editing and export into Ultra-HD. The software, therefore, is an investment in the future.
  • Organization, streaming and playback: with Nero Video Premium 2, users have access to a library for all their photo, video and music files, which they can quickly organize, tag and retrieve. Users can also play files and DVDs with Nero Video Premium 2 and, through advanced streaming features, play them back on almost all TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Optimized hardware encoding, with GPGPU-enabled graphics cards (Intel, Nvidia, AMD), makes the workflow faster. The software supports all major video formats (including AVCHD 2.0). It is also possible to import and optimize Windows Live Movie Maker projects.

Price and Availability

Nero Video Premium 2 is now available in stores at the recommended retail price of £39.99 (including VAT).