Nero announced today that its SecurDisc technology will be included with Lite-On's upcoming 22x DVD writer, the iHAP622. With SecurDisc, users can protect their data against unauthorized access and increase the chances of it being recovered should the disc become damaged.
Nero, creators of liquid media technology, announced today that the company has entered into a new cooperation with PLDS (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) to introduce the first Lite-On SecurDisc drives to the market.

SecurDisc technology provides a full feature set of data security-related functions through a combined hardware/software solution. It offers encryption with password protection, digital signature, higher data reliability through data storage redundancy and defect management, as well as copy protection for PDF files and a data integrity checker. SecurDisc offers users strong access controls, and Nero continues to set the standard for what end-users will come to expect in ensuring the security of their files on CDs and DVDs.
The Lite-On iHAP622 is scheduled to ship during the second half of 2008. If you'd like to read more, Nero's entire press release can be found here.