nexcopy USB C200PC usb c duplicatorNexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces the USB-C200PC, a 20 target USB-C Duplicator specifically design for USB Type C flash memory drives.

The USB-C Duplicator has a list of features which pivot from the award winning Nexcopy Drive Manager software. Features include:

  • Six copy modes
  • Binary copy mode supports all formats; HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
  • Unique data streaming to each USB-C socket
  • Binary verification
  • Erase and D.o.D. Erase for disk sanitization
  • Data collection to extract files off USB-C devices
  • Intuitive and informative Drive Manager software
  • Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C write protection
  • Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C partitioning

Stan McCrosky, head of Sales, comments, “Developing this niche product is important for the growing demand of USB-C flash drive duplication. Optical drives are all but gone, especially in laptops, and Nexcopy is seeing a trend from traditional USB to USB Type C sockets in disk duplication vertical markets.”

The USB-C200PC duplicator is based off the chassis of the USB200PC system. The ergonomic design and perfectly slanted face plate with top-down insertion is the optimal configuration for heavy users who deal with flash drives hours on end. The USB-C sockets are clearly labeled on the face plate and correspond with the Drive Manager software making it easy to identify USB-C media. The USB-C200PC uses a 120watt power supply, strong enough to provide consistent power to all sockets. The USB-C200PC is both 110 and 220 compliant.

“Apple computers and Iot, or Internet Of Things, are driving the force behind the increased demand for USB-C flash drive consumption. Although the internet is great for many data sharing applications, there is still a great need for data dissemination off line. USB is still the definitive choice among users to share data via flash memory,” states Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy.

Morris continues, “We see the demand of USB-C duplication to only rise in the coming years. In technology, smaller is always better, and as devices get slimmer in size the USB type A socket will eventually phase out and USB type C taking over. The transition is slow, but it is inevitable; and with that said, we are ready - today.”

The Drive Manager software which ships with the USB-C200PC offers six copy modes. Some of the more technical copy modes include binary Device Copy, Image Duplication and Unique Data Streaming. Device Copy mode uses two sub-settings a user may select to perform their required data load. Device Copy mode may be set for short image copy or full image copy. Both settings will copy boot strap code, partition tables, file system and files and folders. The short image device copy is used to copy only the data clusters used on the master device. This ultimately saves time by decreasing the amount of data being copied to targets. The full image copy mode will make binary copies of the entire master USB-C drive. This full image copy mode is required for file formats a Windows operating system cannot identify, such as HFS, Ext2,3,4 and proprietary file structures.

Image copy mode allows IT departments to master disk data and output that data to an IMG file. From that IMG file, the USB-C200PC will make a perfect binary copy of the master image file. This copy mode also captures boot code, partition tables, file system and files and folders. This copy mode is most common when a development team is responsible for creating the master data, and the production department is responsible for data duplication.

Unique data streaming is an ever growing market segment. The Nexcopy data streaming function gives a user the ability to put unique data to each USB-C flash drive. This is of particular interest for software publishers and on-demand USB production sent from on-line, front end order fulfillment solutions.

The USB-C200PC includes a sanitization feature which includes full binary overwrite feature in both single pass and triple pass random write sequencing. The proprietary triple pass overwrite method developed by Nexcopy insures all data of a USB-C drive cannot be recovered or restored through forensic software.

The USB-C200PC is a 20 target system. Additional models will become available in another 20 days and will range in size from 40 targets to 60 targets.