Plextor, leading developer of high performance digital storage equipment, has announced the launch of the M2P Series Solid State Drive. This is a limited edition SSD featuring True Speed technology.


The drive is capable of random read/write speeds of 70,000 / 65,000 IOPS and sequential read/write speeds up to 500 Mb/s and 440 Mb/s. This clearly makes the M2P the fastest SSD currently available.

Speed is good but sustainable speed is even better. Plextor’s True Speed delivers the highest level of sustained performance even after extensive use and long periods of operation.

It’s important to note that performance specs of most SSDs are generally based on FOB (Fresh Out of the Box) products. As a result most performance information is overstated and does not reflect drastic decreases in performance that many drives undergo with use.  Plextor surpasses the industry norm by doing Enterprise Benchmark testing of consumer drives in a Dirty/Steady State to demonstrate sustained Read/Write performance.

Enterprise Benchmark testing gives a more realistic perspective of everyday performance. As a result Plextor SSDs are among the most durable and reliable in the industry.

The M2P is powered by the server grade Marvell 88SS9174 controller chip supporting a SATA III 6Gb/s interface and the highest-quality Japanese NAND flash by flash memory innovator Toshiba. Plextor’s True Speed technology also features exclusive firmware with Instant Restore, Global Wear Leveling, and Bad Block Management.

All of this adds up to stability and performance that sets a new gold standard.

The M2P Series SSD is bound to create consumer excitement since SSDs are now the drive of choice for power users, serious gamers, system integrators, and other users who demand fault tolerant performance. And although no specific information is available, word has it that Plextor is serious about the limited edition status.

Plextor will begin shipping the M2P in late-October.  The drives will be available through the Plextor e-Commerce site ( and are available in 128GB (PX-128M2P, $239) and 256GB versions (PX-256M2P, $449).