Protect Software GmbH announced today that it has developed a new "managed copy" solution for DVDs. Instead of putting a digital copy on a separate DVD, Protect's LiveDigitalCopy system dynamically transcodes the actual DVD content. LiveDigitalCopy supports both Macs and PCs as well as a wide range of devices including iPods, phones, portable media players and game consoles.

Protect Software GmbH unveiled LiveDigitalCopy(TM), a new system that allows content owners to add dynamic format transcoding to their Video-DVDs. Unlike traditional "digital copy" solutions based on pre-encoded files on a separate DVD, LiveDigitalCopy(TM) performs a "managed copy" by dynamically transcoding the actual DVD content and transferring it to a wide variety of devices.

By using dynamic content transcoding it is possible to optimize the video and audio quality to the capabilities of the selected target device which leads to a significant increase of quality while avoiding incompatibilities.

The patented LiveDigitalCopy process currently supports PCs, Macs, Portable Media Players (WMV), iPod, iPhone, Windows Mobile-based phones (WMV), video-capable cell phones (3GP) and Sony PlayStation Portable.

LiveDigitalCopy(TM) works with standard CSS-protected DVDs, and content owners can optionally apply rights management to the target devices and limit the number of allowed copies.

"LiveDigitalCopy enables Movie Studios to create real added value for their customers. Legitimate users can watch the DVDs whenever and wherever they want -- even without a DVD Player. And at the same time there is no cost for an additional DVD to carry the pre-encoded digital files," says Volkmar Breitfeld, CEO of Protect Software GmbH.

LiveDigitalCopy is available as of now and does not require any changes in the original Video-DVD. It supports multiple audio languages and subtitles as well as fullscreen and widescreen content. More information is available at