Samsung America has officially announced their new LightScribe capable DVD writer, the SH-W162L. Along with support for LightScribe, the SH-W162L can write to dual layer media at 8x.

Samsung Electronics Ltd., the worldwide digital consumer electronics and information technology leader, announces its fastest dual layered DVD recorder. The new SH-W162L is a unique LightScribe(TM), enabling 16X DVD re-writeable drive with 8X dual speed recording.

LightScribe technology is embedded in the DVD drive and lets users engrave labels, photos, and designs right onto the CD and DVD discs with no hassle at all. The result is a professional look with no worries about labels falling off or sloppy marker smudges. The drive's label making software is pre-loaded with an array of designs and labels for users who choose not to create their own label.
According to Samsung's press release, the SH-W162L is shipping now for an estimated street price of $70. More information can be found here.