Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing the MobileSTOR MS1CT, a newly designed portable 1-bay storage unit with four of the most popular host interfaces. Aside from the common USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces, the MS1CT also utilizes Firewire 400 and 800 for ultimate flexibility. The quad-interface design conveniently allows the integration of the MS1CT with standard expansion ports on both PC and MAC platforms without the need to purchase additional host bus adapters.

sans digital mobilestor ms1ct.jpg

The MobileSTOR MS1CT enclosure utilizes a fan-less design for ultra quiet operation, and lightweight aluminum for effective heat dispensing as well as contemporary design. The MS1CT features a removable hard drive tray that is compatible with other Sans Digital MobileSTOR, MobileRAID, and MobileNAS storage units. With host computer support, the MS1CT allows hot-swapping, where a tray with hard drive could be taken from a larger Mobile series unit and placed in the MS1CT for portability. Additional hard drive trays could be purchased separately with a protective leatherette case to shield the hard drives from physical damage. When combined with the InstaRAID IR12TB, the MS1CT is capable of achieving RAID 0 stripping and RAID 1 mirroring in the size of a 3.5” enclosure.

Sans Digital is known for providing innovative consumer and enterprise-level storage solutions at affordable prices. The MS1CT, like the well-known 2-bay MS2UT+ and 4-bay MN4L+ series, underwent improvements with more user friendly benefits to enhance the overall storage experience. “It has been Sans Digital’s goal to design storage devices that are widely applicable and flexible to serve more than one purpose,” said Grandy Chen, Sans Digital President. “The MS1CT is capable of achieving multiple usages, making it a worthy investment at an affordable price.” For more information on the MobileSTOR MS1CT, please visit: