NTI Corporation today announced Echo, a smart cloning software that delivers the ability to easily clone a PC's old drive to a new drive. NTI is an award-winning software developer and has created Echo for bundling with solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD), and hybrid drives.

"We wanted to make upgrading your PC's hard drive as easy as possible," said Bill Yao, CEO of NTI Corporation. "As storage device upgrade market continues to grow and becomes a more common practice, NTI Echo fills the need for an easy-to-use cloning software."

Echo will clone an entire drive, including all of its partitions, with all of the user's data, applications, and Windows operating system to another drive. The new drive can be of different types and sizes as long as the data can fit within its capacity. Echo will shrink and grow partitions as needed to optimize the use of available space.

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Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, today released Roxio Video Lab HD, a robust high-definition video editing suite for capturing, editing, and sharing personal home movies, which now features a range of capabilities for creating 3D projects. Roxio Video Lab HD allows users to import a wide range of 3D video formats including stereoscopic content directly from 3D cameras. The software also automatically converts standard 2D content into 3D, so users can include existing standard home movies to their 3D video creations.

With Roxio Video Lab HD, consumers can use familiar video editing tools to turn raw 3D footage and converted 2D content into engaging and immersive 3D home movies, complete with titles, transitions, and effects. The finished results can be exported in a range of formats, including the RealD Format for a cinematic-quality 3D viewing experience on 3D-enabled home PCs and HDTVs. In addition, projects may be uploaded and shared via YouTube® in 3D.

"Roxio Video Lab HD was already a popular choice for consumers looking to enjoy their personal media in stunning high definition; now it also offers a solution for those looking to add an entirely new dimension to their memories," said Matt DiMaria, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Roxio. "With Roxio Video Lab HD, 3D is making the leap from the large screen and bringing a new level of realism and visual interest to family events."

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CyberLink Corp. and SENSIO Technologies Inc. today announced an agreement through which SENSIO’s 3D decoding technology will be integrated into the CyberLink PowerDVD media player software for retail sale and in custom versions for the OEM market. PowerDVD is the leading DVD, Blu-ray™ disc, and AVCHD movie player software application, chosen by top-brand PC and optical disc drive manufacturers. This agreement will allow consumers with SENSIO® Hi‑Fi 3D-enabled PowerDVD software to view movies on their computers in 3D, and it also will allow existing PowerDVD users to upgrade their software to read the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format.

“Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art video and audio cinema experience to PowerDVD,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Partnering with SENSIO Technologies enables users to enjoy 3D movies with PowerDVD at an entirely new level.”

Integration of SENSIO’s 3D decoding technology into PowerDVD will enable this broad array of popular PC systems to read the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format, which delivers “visually lossless” 3D images that are so faithful to the originally captured images that the difference is imperceptible to the eye of the viewer. This high-fidelity 3D format from SENSIO gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy a rich, immersive viewing experience.

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CyberLink Corp., innovative solution provider for the connected digital lifestyle, today announced an agreement with RealD Inc., a leading global licensor of 3D technologies for cinema, consumer electronics and professional applications, to enhance the 3D technology in PowerDVD, the industry leading 3D, HD and Blu-ray DVD player software application.  Cyberlink has licensed the stereoscopic RealD Format for the delivery and display of high definition 3D content and will integrate support into PowerDVD.   

“We are delighted to have entered into an agreement with RealD and integrate support for the RealD Format to take viewers to new heights of visual excellence,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.  “With the support of RealD’s advanced 3D technology, together we are committed to delivering next-generation 3D entertainment experiences for users to fully enjoy the spectacular realism from PCs at home.”

“We look forward to collaborating with CyberLink to bring an extraordinary 3D viewing experience to their products and create a new dimension of 3D PC entertainment,” said Michael V. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of RealD.

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Pegasys, Inc., the company that takes video to the next level, announces the upcoming release of the English version of TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5, the successor to TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress, in the 1st Quarter of 2011. The new software will make it possible to not only create materials, but also will bring creative, original video mastering and output in the best formats available. Purchasers of the popular TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress after January 5, 2011, can upgrade to TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 for free once it is released in 2011. The retail price will be $99.95.

"Video now has to be quickly and easily created to be viewed in high definition, or for video sharing websites, or mobile devices offering video playback, and more. Currently, these types of output displays have  become the main and most often targeted use of video. We re-examined what constitutes an encoder, and decided to release a new mastering system to answer the emerging demands of videographers,” commented Tak Ebine, Pegasys CEO.

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 includes improved editing or filtering functions, popular MKV or WebM format support, and other new features, which are expanding the limits of the encoder, becoming a complete encoding solution. It also supports many input and output formats, detailed parameter settings, and features a fast and precise cut-edit function, video format conversion, compression, material creation and much more! Previous generations of encoders were used to compress high quality videos, making them small enough to fit into hard disk drives with small capacities, or often tasked to meet the DVD-Video, BD or other specific  format requirements. Market demand for video anytime and anywhere has greatly expanded the software  feature set required to generate popular video formats.

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Pegasys, Inc. the company that takes video to the next level, announced today it is offering a free holiday-themed menu template with no purchase necessary.  For use with TMPGEnc® Authoring Works 4 software from Pegasys, this exclusive holiday-themed template allows users to enhance their DVD, DivX Ultra or Blu-ray discs to share holiday memories for years to come. For more information and templates visit: http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/download/taw4_template.html#xmas2010

pegasys xmas template.jpg

"We created this free holiday template as our thank you to all photographers and videographers from beginner to professional for their interest in creating engaging slideshows and compelling video memories,” commented Tak Ebine, Pegasys CEO. "This is one of the ways we continue to add value to Authoring Works 4, the complete media authoring solution for all levels of video enthusiasts to create a complete DVD, DivX or Blu-ray disc."

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DVDFab is always improving to provide all customers with a better user experience. After a series of special offers this holiday, DVDFab has developed a new-tech "Lightning-Recoding" which is used in the Blu-ray Copy product to greatly increase converting speed to a historic level. It is exclusively owned by DVDFab.

Where is Lightning-Recoding used?
The Lightning-Recoding will be automatically activated in "Full Disc" and "Main Movie" mode of Blu-ray Copy, when the source is progressive H264 video, and when it comes to compression. Later, it will be applied in more DVDFab products.

How does Lightning-Recoding work?
Lightning-Recoding will reuse the original information of the source video to decrease the calculating work during compression, thus increasing the converting speed to a very large extent – approximately 40% at maximum.

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CyberLink Corp., innovative solution provider for the connected digital lifestyle, today launched CyberLink Media Suite 9, the ultimate All-in-One creativity and entertainment software solution that combines 12 software products to provide all you need to play, create, share, and enjoy digital media, plus media converting software to transfer files to smart phones and portable devices giving users the complete solution for a digital media lifestyle.

CyberLink Media Suite 9 is a comprehensive and convenient suite that gives consumers all the applications they will need for their videos, movies, photos, music, data files and devices. Targeted at the home users, the new version of CyberLink Media Suite 9 features new and improved applications including

  • Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D movie playback.
  • DVDs, and videos upscale to HD-like quality with TrueTheater™ HD and Stereoscopic 3D with TrueTheater 3D.
  • Complete video editing features with unique particle effects; more consumer video enhancement tools; and more types of free templates downloadable from Directorzone.
  • Ultra fast video processing with optimization with the latest CPU and GPU hardware acceleration.
  • Extend media entertainment to devices by offering a new high speed media converter to convert videos, photos and music to a broad range of smart phones, portable devices and media players.
  • Support for the new BDXL format playback, data burning and video disc authoring.
  • Support 256-bit disc burning encryption to protect content on discs
  • Free disc label designs that can be downloaded free from DirectorZone

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CyberLink Corp. today launched CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5, a smart application that lets users customize their DVDs/CDs with stylishly designed labels, covers and jewel-case inlays. The new version of CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5, offers consumers free disc label templates that can be downloaded directly from DirectorZone.com within the LabelPrint software.
“LabelPrint complements CyberLink’s line of disc authoring and burning applications,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5 offers a fun and intuitive way to let consumers design their music, photo or video discs and the new version offers consumers with more choices of free disc label templates that can be downloaded from DirectorZone .”

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CyberLink Corp. today launched PowerProducer 5.5, world’s first Blu-ray authoring software certified by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) with full support for the Blu-ray Disc technology BDXL.  With PowerProducer 5.5, consumers will be able to create compelling video and slideshow discs by authoring their video projects to DVDs, Blu-ray Discs including BDXL, producing discs from high-definition video including AVCHD and AVCREC format, enhancing their videos with magic tools and enjoying optimized hardware acceleration to output projects.

“CyberLink is dedicated to deliver the best Blu-ray disc experience,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “PowerProducer 5.5 offers easy-to-use features and cutting-edge format support, enabling video hobbyists to create high-definition video discs with the latest technologies.”

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