DVDFab is always improving to provide all customers with a better user experience. After a series of special offers this holiday, DVDFab has developed a new-tech "Lightning-Recoding" which is used in the Blu-ray Copy product to greatly increase converting speed to a historic level. It is exclusively owned by DVDFab.

Where is Lightning-Recoding used?
The Lightning-Recoding will be automatically activated in "Full Disc" and "Main Movie" mode of Blu-ray Copy, when the source is progressive H264 video, and when it comes to compression. Later, it will be applied in more DVDFab products.

How does Lightning-Recoding work?
Lightning-Recoding will reuse the original information of the source video to decrease the calculating work during compression, thus increasing the converting speed to a very large extent – approximately 40% at maximum.

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CyberLink Corp., innovative solution provider for the connected digital lifestyle, today launched CyberLink Media Suite 9, the ultimate All-in-One creativity and entertainment software solution that combines 12 software products to provide all you need to play, create, share, and enjoy digital media, plus media converting software to transfer files to smart phones and portable devices giving users the complete solution for a digital media lifestyle.

CyberLink Media Suite 9 is a comprehensive and convenient suite that gives consumers all the applications they will need for their videos, movies, photos, music, data files and devices. Targeted at the home users, the new version of CyberLink Media Suite 9 features new and improved applications including

  • Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D movie playback.
  • DVDs, and videos upscale to HD-like quality with TrueTheater™ HD and Stereoscopic 3D with TrueTheater 3D.
  • Complete video editing features with unique particle effects; more consumer video enhancement tools; and more types of free templates downloadable from Directorzone.
  • Ultra fast video processing with optimization with the latest CPU and GPU hardware acceleration.
  • Extend media entertainment to devices by offering a new high speed media converter to convert videos, photos and music to a broad range of smart phones, portable devices and media players.
  • Support for the new BDXL format playback, data burning and video disc authoring.
  • Support 256-bit disc burning encryption to protect content on discs
  • Free disc label designs that can be downloaded free from DirectorZone

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CyberLink Corp. today launched CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5, a smart application that lets users customize their DVDs/CDs with stylishly designed labels, covers and jewel-case inlays. The new version of CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5, offers consumers free disc label templates that can be downloaded directly from DirectorZone.com within the LabelPrint software.
“LabelPrint complements CyberLink’s line of disc authoring and burning applications,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “CyberLink LabelPrint 2.5 offers a fun and intuitive way to let consumers design their music, photo or video discs and the new version offers consumers with more choices of free disc label templates that can be downloaded from DirectorZone .”

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CyberLink Corp. today launched PowerProducer 5.5, world’s first Blu-ray authoring software certified by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) with full support for the Blu-ray Disc technology BDXL.  With PowerProducer 5.5, consumers will be able to create compelling video and slideshow discs by authoring their video projects to DVDs, Blu-ray Discs including BDXL, producing discs from high-definition video including AVCHD and AVCREC format, enhancing their videos with magic tools and enjoying optimized hardware acceleration to output projects.

“CyberLink is dedicated to deliver the best Blu-ray disc experience,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “PowerProducer 5.5 offers easy-to-use features and cutting-edge format support, enabling video hobbyists to create high-definition video discs with the latest technologies.”

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TMPG Inc., the company that takes video to the next level, is pleased to announce that it has added the Accelcoder, a real time, professional H.264 encoding system from Fixstars Solutions, to its prestigious product offering.

“The state-of-the–art Accelcoder is the fastest, most powerful turnkey encoding system available today. It encodes Hollywood films with the highest quality for Blu-ray and IPTV distribution. Through its supercomputer capabilities, it will provide live encoding speeds allowing for direct encoding from VTR tapes to H.264 files. Accelcoder offers studios a 3-fold value proposition of video quality, speed and low price,” commented Camilo Lopez of Fixstars Solutions.

By optimizing high-end encoding algorithms from the ground up, Accelcoder provides optimum cinematic video quality results. It also provides studios with the flexibility to meet a variety of format demands from customers. Output formats include: Blu-ray standard based H.264 ES, MPEG2-TS and MP4.

“We are pleased to offer such a robust, turnkey encoding system. Compressing video in H.264 format usually requires long processing times. Current CPU processors take up to 15X real time to encode a feature in high quality mode. Accelcoder utilizes the power of the Cell/B.E., a high performance multi-core processor used in the fastest supercomputers on the planet, to provide real time encoding speeds with 30p/60i settings,” commented Kimi Matsuki, TMPG Inc. CEO.

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Pegasys Inc. announced today that it has formally signed an agreement with x264 LLC for the use of the x264 H.264/AVC encoder under a commercial license. The x264 encoder will be integrated into the next generation of Pegasys’ popular video conversion software, TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress, and will be the first commercial software granted a commercial license for this technology in Japan.

x264 is used by well-known websites such as YouTube and Facebook, and is widely regarded as the world's best H.264 encoder. With ten years of experience in video software and user interface design, Pegasys will seamlessly integrate the x264 encoder into TMPGEnc and bring x264's state-of-the-art encoding technology to their video creation software.

Pegasys is world renowned for its video conversion software, used to compress and convert video files to numerous formats with an easy-to-use interface that attracts users the world over. Customers demand a high-quality video format that is easy to process. The x264 encoder, with its combination of encoding quality and flexible options, falls in line with Pegasys’ goals and the customer’s needs making this agreement a perfect match.

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slysoft-logo.gifAs of January 1st, 2011, SlySoft will discontinue the 'lifetime' update subscription. This is being announced well in advance to give everybody a final opportunity to acquire SlySoft products and product upgrades with lifetime free updates and renew limited subscriptions to lifetime.

To make your decision even easier, you'll get a 20% discount, applicable to all products including upgrades from AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD and renewals of update subscriptions for all SlySoft products.

This promotion is only valid until Friday, December 31 2010, so if you are entertaining the thought of purchasing one or more of their products, now is the right time to act ...

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CyberLink Corp. today released the latest version of its award-winning video editing software, PowerDirector 9. Designed with high usability for consumers and powerful, pro-like features for prosumers, PowerDirector 9 unleashes users’ full creative potential with performance-driven technologies including CyberLink’s new TrueVelocity Engine.

PowerDirector 9 is designed to make the editing process not only easier, but also faster. TrueVelocity editing technologies take advantage of native 64-bit OS support and leading CPU/GPU components to significantly reduce video processing time, while powerful, high quality tools such as the new unified keyframe control and a greatly improved timeline editor allow users to create even the most demanding and complex video productions.

“When designing PowerDirector 9 we focused on four fundamental aspects of the video editing process – speed, power, creativity and sharing,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Through innovations like TrueVelocity and significant advancements to existing technologies we have been able to deliver a product that will dramatically improve consumers’ video editing experience.”

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Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, today announced the launch of Roxio Streamer, enabling users to easily turn a PC into a powerful media server to access and share their personal libraries of music, photos, and videos stored on their home PC from other devices in their home as well as remotely from other computers or mobile devices.

Roxio Streamer allows users to easily and securely access their media "from the road" via any device equipped with Adobe Flash. The application also supports both UPNP and DLNA protocols, providing users with the ability to access digital media from hundreds of DLNA-compatible devices from over 250 manufacturers of TVs, DVD & Blu-ray Disc players, portable media players, game consoles, and PCs connected to a home network. Users of Roxio Streamer can also invite family and friends anywhere in the world to listen to their music collection, watch video, or view and download photos from shared albums.

"Roxio Streamer is the most efficient way to enjoy and share personal media on your home PC," said Sean Penn, Vice President, Consumer Products, Roxio. "You simply drop the digital photos, video, or music that you want to access or share into a folder and it becomes instantly available from any web-enabled device. That's ideal if you are travelling and you want to enjoy your favorite music or movies or if you want to provide an easy, secure way for family and friends to enjoy your content."

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CyberLink again pioneers the Blu-ray format advancement – PowerProducer is now the world’s first Blu-ray authoring software certified by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) with full support for the Blu-ray Disc technology BDXL.  Released by BDA in June 2010, BDXL is a multi-layer recordable Blu-ray format with up to 128GB of capacity.

As world’s first BDXL-certified authoring software, CyberLink PowerProducer supports enhanced Blu-ray Disc recordable and rewritable format, providing amazing capabilities of creating compelling video and slideshow of up to 4 layers of data totaling 128GB on a single Blu-ray Disc. This is the third software from CyberLink to be world’s first supporting BDXL certifications in different software categories. CyberLink was the first in Blu-ray burning supporting BDXL (Power2Go), Blu-ray playback (PowerDVD) and now, Blu-ray authoring (PowerProducer).

 “CyberLink stays on top of Blu-ray innovations,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Supporting BDXL across all of CyberLink’s media applications, ranging from burning, authoring and playback, give users access to the next-generation of Blu-ray disc format support today.”


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