Sonic has announced that they've released the CinePlayer Platform. This new playback engine supports the most digital media types and can be used to deliver interactive content via the internet.
Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC), the leader in digital media software, the leader in digital media software, today released the CinePlayer Platform, a comprehensive digital media playback "engine" to support virtually any digital media type - music, photos, videos, and web-delivered interactive content. The CinePlayer Platform has two key advantages: first, it allows Sonic's personal computer and consumer electronics partners to tailor a wide variety of digital media offerings based on a common underlying playback engine; this makes it easier and more cost effective for them to test, release and revise their products. Second, the CinePlayer Platform combines playback from DVDs (including Blu-ray disc and HD DVD) with web-delivered content such as advertising, merchandising promotions and bonus material; this allows for attractive new models of advertising, promotion and content distribution. The CinePlayer Platform ships in key OEM channels later this week.
Great, yet another way companies can bombard us with ads. If you'd like to read more, Sonic's entire press release can be found here.