Super Talent has announced the launch of their Exelerator family of ReadyBoost drives. By connecting directly to the motherboard, these internal flash drives can boost the performance of Windows Vista without using up an external USB port.

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash storage solutions, today launched the new Exelerator family of ReadyBoost drives that use an internal 9-pin USB header on the motherboard.

The Exelerator family of drives was designed expressly to elevate system performance in Windows Vista by functioning as a ReadyBoost drive. These innovative new Flash drives plug into a standard 9-pin USB header inside the chassis, on the motherboard, to function as a dedicated ReadyBoost drive. With lightning fast 25MB per second read speeds and sub-millisecond access times, Exelerator drives are the perfect cost effective system upgrade to enhance the Vista experience. These drives are offered with either vertical or horizontal connectors to accommodate space constraints within different enclosures.
Super Talent’s internal ReadyBoost drives will go into production in June. The 2GB models are expected to retail for about $25. More information can be found here.