TerraMaster, a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, has recently released the D8 Hybrid which is the industry-unique 2+6 RAID hybrid storage, with slots 1 & 2 offer a playground for RAID 0/1/JBOD configurations, slots 3 & 4 and M.2 NVMe SSDs stand strong as independent guardians, ensuring the data’s absolute security.

terramaster d8 hybrid storage

D8 Hybrid can hold 4 SATA HDDs/SSDs and 4 M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs, with a capacity of 24TB a drive, and 8TB per M.2 SSD, providing users with up to 128TB (24TB x 4 + 8TB x 4) of storage space, which is an excellent choice for storage expansion of Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

D8 Hybrid Key Features

Expanding Computer Storage Space
Using the D8 Hybrid as a storage expansion device for Windows, Mac, or Linux computers is a great choice, especially considering its support for large-capacity HDDs up to 24TB and 8TB NVMe M.2 SSDs, with a total capacity potentially reaching 128TB.

Cross-platform File Data Sharing
The D8 Hybrid supports various file system formats including NTFS, APFS, EXT4, FAT32, and exFAT. Its support for the exFAT file system, which can handle large files, allows hard drives formatted with the exFAT file system on the D8 Hybrid to be read and written across devices running different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and NAS, providing a convenient cross-platform solution for large file transfers.

Supports Multiple RAID Types for Data Security
The D8 Hybrid features a hardware mode switch design, allowing HDD1 and HDD2 to quickly set the RAID mode through a manual switching knob. This creates an ultra-large-capacity storage space with a RAID data protection mechanism for computers. The D8 Hybrid supports four hardware adjustment modes: SINGLE, JBOD, RAID 0, and RAID 1.

Expand the Capacity of Your NAS
The D8 Hybrid is an ideal choice for expanding the NAS capacity of a home or small office. Simply connect the D8 Hybrid to the USB port of your NAS device, and you can easily expand the NAS storage space. You can even use the D8 Hybrid as an external DAS storage device for TerraMaster NAS. Both TOS 5 and the latest TOS 6 systems support creating new volumes using the four HDDs and four M.2 SSDs of the D8 Hybrid, and utilizing the full range of TerraMaster NAS storage features, such as setting up storage pools, various RAID modes, and enabling snapshots.

The D8 Hybrid crowdfunding project has officially launched on the Kickstarter with up to 33% off. For more details, please visit: https://d8hybrid.terra-master.com/