Verbatim, the global leader in data storage technology including portable hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards, is now offering Duplicator Plus DVDs. With this new offering of Duplicator Plus DVDs, Verbatim continues to set the standard for high-speed duplication disc performance, reliability and compatibility.

Verbatim’s Duplicator Plus DVD-R was developed to ensure optimal compatibility with many duplication machines by utilizing the "MCC ID" as media manufacturing ID, resulting in a minimal rate of write errors. The recording layer is tuned to attain a wider power margin, offering better compatibility with older model and low laser power drives. Available in both branded and non branded white inkjet hub printable surfaces, these discs are designed to be recorded at higher speed and save time for operation.

“Unlike the counterfeit MCC ID product prevalent in today's marketplace the Duplicator Plus product incorporates a dye - disk structure that is optimized for the Guaranteed MCC ID stamper and substrate,” said Bob Burkhardt, Vice President, Business Development of Storage & Accessories for Verbatim. “This optimized structure offers the broadest range of laser power sensitivity for flawless performance in production duplication environments.  Due to this broad range of laser power sensitivity, customers can experience an extremely low fall out rate over a wider spectrum of equipment.”

The logo on the discs allows you to identify these as authentic Verbatim media quickly and easily. Making sure that all of your media is authentic Verbatim to ensure its reliability, as all Verbatim optical media is fully backed by an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Utilizes MCC ID dye - disk structure for optimal compatibility with duplication machines
  • Wide power margin ensures quality recording with most drives in the market, including older models and low laser power drives
  • Broad range of laser power sensitivity extends the life of older equipment as laser power in drives gradually degrades over time
  • Suitable for high-speed recording with an extremely low fall out rate over a wider spectrum of equipment
  • Offered in Verbatim branded and white inkjet hub printable surfaces
  • Backed by Verbatim’s industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty