Vinpower Digital, a recognized global manufacturer and distributor of digital duplication equipment and accessories, has recently finalized the acquisition of the complete digital duplication product line from the world renowned ACARD Technology Corporation, a Taiwan publicly traded company in the OTC market. With the acquisition of ACARD’s proprietary native SATA IC’s and storage CPU / SOC technology, in addition to other related IP’s, Vinpower will position itself as the leading global manufacturer of digital duplication and storage related hardware and accessories. Plus, for those who have purchased ACARD products previously, Vinpower is committed to providing worldwide technical support for ACARD’s existing global customer base.

To accommodate the expansive global duplication marketplace, Vinpower Digital has announced it will utilize the extensive technology and IP’s acquired from ACARD to advance development in its own market leading duplication and storage hardware. In utilizing ACARD’s proprietary CPU / SOC, will allow Vinpower to quickly develop and release duplication and storage products for nearly any storage technology available now or will be introduced in the future at a much lower price point than existing development techniques used by other manufacturers. The ACARD CPU / SOC includes added storage interfaces and the ability to implement virtually unlimited internal and/or external daisy chain functionality, expanding the size and scope of any storage hardware Vinpower develops in the future.

These products include but are not limited to:

  • Optical Discs
  • Archival Disc
  • SD / microSD
  • USB
  • Thunderbolt
  • M.2 SSD
  • And much more

“In using ACARD’s native SATA IC and CPU / SOC technology, along with other advances in storage related development, Vinpower will be able to progress its time lines and greatly reduce costs for our current and future lines of market leading duplication and storage related products. This technology will advance Vinpower’s capabilities and give us a significant cost advantage on a wide range of offerings in the near future,” proclaimed Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan Swerdloff.

ACARD, active in the digital duplication and storage market since its inception in the mid 1990’s, invested heavily in the development of its own proprietary SCSI IC chips, CPU / SOC, and native SATA technology. This allowed the company to reduce their production costs and become the market leader for duplication controllers by meeting their customers needs with very aggressive pricing. Over time, ACARD turned its focus to other ventures, which allowed Vinpower to acquire ACARD’s full line of remaining hardware as well as all related technology.

Vinpower will also use the technology acquired by ACARD to continue to support those previous ACARD customers that purchased duplication and storage related products and no longer have support for those products. Vinpower has the technology to provide firmware updates or hardware modifications or exchanges for existing ACARD customers looking for support.

“Vinpower recognizes ACARD’s immersive contribution to the duplication market, in being one of the first manufacturers to develop its own line of optical disc duplication controllers,” stated Vinpower C.E.O. Calvin Chang. “ACARD’s controllers were sold into nearly every country in the world and with their recent absence from the duplication market, Vinpower wanted to make sure those customers were still supported and had access to the high-quality low-cost duplication hardware that ACARD previously provided.”