Model: RAIDON ST1000 Two in One Internal Drive Modules
Manufacturer: RAIDON Technology Inc.
Provided By: RAIDON USA

If you've gone shopping for an drive enclosure, it's more than likely that you've come across the name RAIDON. This Taiwanese company has been developing innovative storage solutions for more than a decade. Along with a number of pocket sized enclosures, RAIDON currently offers a variety of internal and external storage systems capable of holding as many as eight hard drives.

While RAIDON's main focus is the enterprise, its ST1000 series of internal drive modules are aimed squarely at the tech-savvy consumer. The ST1000-2-S2C (SATA) and ST1000-2-U5C (SATA/SAS) fit into a standard 5.25" drive bay and feature a hot swappable tray for a 3.5" hard drive as well as a mounting point for a 2.5" hard drive or SSD. This design allows you to install your operating system onto the 2.5" drive and save your data onto the 3.5" drive, which can then be removed from the computer and taken with you or swapped out for another one. The tray in these modules is also compatible with many of RAIDON's other products and can be used interchangeably.

RAIDON ST1000 Two in One Internal Drive Modules

Model  ST1000-2-S2C ST1000-2-U5C
Host Interface SATA SATA and SAS
Transfer Rate SATA - 1.5Gbs/3.0Gbs SATA - 1.5Gbs/3.0Gbs
SAS - 3.0Gbs
Drive Interface 3.5" SATA x 1
2.5" ATA/SATA x 1
3.5" SATA/SAS x 1
2.5" ATA/SATA x 1
Hot Swap Yes
Cooling Fan 4cm x 1
Case Material Aluminum
LED Display Power indicator x1
HDD Fail Indicator x1
Dimensions 149(W) x 194(L) x 42(H) mm
Weight 1 Kg

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